A Story About My Uncle

released on May 28, 2014

A Story About My Uncle is a non-violent First-Person platform adventure game built in the Unreal Engine. It is a story about a boy who searches for his lost uncle and ends up in a world he couldn’t imagine existed.

The movement through the world in A Story About My Uncle is a crucial part of its core gameplay, focusing on swinging yourself through caverns with a grappling hook mechanic that gives the player a wonderful sense of speed and freedom. Soar through a game world with a unique art style and a mysterious story unraveling slowly before you.

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fps spiderman is pretty alright
just glad a story about an uncle is not about...

A beautifully done platformer that already brings out great gameplay and then backs it up with an interesting and indulging story as well as an excellently gorgeous environment.
The best thing about it is that it's free, so anyone could try it.

I shelved this game a couple years ago, but played it fully through this past evening. It's not exactly what I expected, although I don't know what I expected. The game is fine and while it tries to tell a story its quite loose and odd and not incredibly well written, although cute in its own simple way. I found myself a little angered at some of the momentum-based platforming (that coming from a person who hates platforming, your mileage may vary). While I would not recommend it outright, it is a little bit of a brain-off game, so take it as you will. It's just alright, but forgettable.

Pretty cool first person grapple platformer, it wasnt very long but thats fine because it doesnt have a lot of mechanics so it's the perfect length for what it was.

Nose vas saltando por ahi es suficientemente bueno como para que lo jugara enter supongo