A Summer's End: Hong Kong 1986

released on Apr 23, 2020

A Summer’s End - Hong Kong 1986 is a visual novel game. Follow the story of Michelle and Sam, and how their chance meeting evolves into a deeper romantic relationship. A Summer’s End is a romance story between two women. Set in vibrant Hong Kong in the year 1986, it is an original story about love, family, and culture.

Inspired by Hong Kong cinema, 80s anime, and city pop, A Summer’s End - Hong Kong 1986 is a visual delight for fans of retro art and fashion.

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Sam i think about you every day. one of the best lesbian games period also the music and art go crazyyyyy

best h scenes in a yurige god bless. sam has a dangerous amount of game. we need more girls who bite in yuri

Absolutely gorgeous artwork, satisfactory prose.

There aren’t enough lesbian games out there to begin with. I think that this story was beautifully done in a simplistic way. The adult patch was a nice addition, but overall, this was nicely done in a cultural context.

A game that you can say was written through "sapphic lenses". This visual novel captures the harsh difficulties a lot of queer, Asian people go through in stark detail.
From societal norms, familial expectations, lack of personal drive due to pressure, identity struggles, and many more, this game highlights many pivotal issues that affect the everyday lives of many queer people through breathtaking visuals, emotional dialogue, and overall complex (albeit sometimes a little one-note) relationships between the characters.
As someone who identifies with much of what's presented in this visual novel, I want to commend the dev for the amount of care and attention they put into the story and how it was portrayed. Not every life experience is the same, and the attempt to convey the different perspectives of each character in a way that doesn't fully vilify them for their flaws or differences is something I greatly appreciate
Overall, this is a very touching and aesthetically beautiful story that gives people the representation and hope they might want in their life— and during the time I found and played this game, it truly moved me in a way that I needed it to

The aesthetic of this was really great. The vibrant colors with the soft art style and music in that 80s' style was a mood that really sold this for me.
The romance that happens between the two girls turned out to be quite sweet in a way that I wasn't fully expecting.
I wish I knew that the adult patch needed to me manually copied over for it to work before I finished reading half of it. The adult patch turned out to be quite tasteful and I think it only added to the experience.
I'm not fully aware of the history of Hong Kong but I think the creators succeeded with their creative project to bring awareness to the issues of freedom of speech in the region to people like me who were unaware.