released on Mar 17, 2021

A pig farmer decides he no longer wants to dispose of bodies for the mob. What follows is a discussion between him and his would-be killer.

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yeah that's what you say to this game once you turn it on

The bulk of this very short game is a long and mostly dull conversation between a pig farmer and a mob hitman. There are some more poignant moments in the story, but they did little to keep me interested.

A very short but extremely well told story. The voice actors are truly exceptional. This game wouldn't have been nearly as enjoyable without their awesome performance. The animations are janky but they are unsettling and add to the atmosphere imo and the ending was superbly executed.
Even though this game is just about 2 hours long, it has a bunch of technical issues. I annoyingly had to restart some chapters several times. Completely unacceptable for a game of this size.
Overall, highly recommended. 3.5/5

A gem of story telling. It hooks you in at the start with the question "why is he quitting". You go down the memory lane with the protagonist until right before the end when everything comes together, and your curiosity is replaced by an overwhelming sympathy. The protagonist's voice resembles old De Niro in The Irishman, especially the stutter, which leads me to drawing more parallel between the two: lonely old man, shunned by his own child, no purpose or joy in life. The PC port sadly is bit shoddy. I got stuck a few times, had to redo certain sections, and there's one part of the game where I simply had no idea how to complete using mouse and keyboard so I resorted to controller.

Enjoyable and short less than 3 hours but the gameplay that's here is fine it services the story being told - gameplay that's here is effective because of subtle interaction like a shoveling/shooting segment, without getting into spoilers they break your attention and snaps you back into focus very well reminded me of sequences like What remains of Edith Finch (Lewis' story.) Unfortunately I don't like it when games don't tell you how to play the game I hate to say it but if I have to check the controls settings to know how to play a game - even as inconsequential as being in control is here - It's a pain. It was especially awkward during the final act which has you cook a meal of your own choice, a good and meaningful send off to the narrative but actively engaging with it was a bit of a nightmare, I reloaded the scenario a few times because I lost something I picked up or couldn't see it the kitchens sorta bright lmao, and the lack of a consistent on screen dot to centre myself made it worse (it would've gone a long way.) I enjoyed the story for what it was, though with it being very "American" lets say there's certain topics/themes as well as the dry (though very well done) southern accent by the VA that just grated on me a little mainly just war related things. Worth experiencing because it is well written and scripted out it's just got small problems, but if you've got 2 hours give or take it's worth the price of admission.