Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise

released on Oct 28, 2015

A suave secret agent adventure game. Your mission (should you choose to accept) is to infiltrate enemy spy Ruby La Rouge’s secret hideaway and put a stop to her evil plans!

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break into a woman’s house and steal her cat
loses points for all the typos

The reason it says it took me four years to complete the game was because I picked it up when chapter 5 was unreleased and came back to it after several years to finish it, which admittedly was probably not the best way to play it. It's pretty fun and cute, got some fun puzzles. Not bad if it's your thing although it is pretty short

it's a sweet little game - looks and plays great, possible to play in one sitting, etc. i'm currently playing another point-and-click translated to touch screen game on my switch, and that made me appreciate how cleanly this one got ported over in comparison.

Complete playthrough. A short and fairly simple first-person point-and-click puzzle game with a secret agent theme, Agent A generally achieves what it sets out to achieve, with logical solutions to puzzles. Difficulty comes mostly from working out (and remembering) what can be interacted with rather than the interactions themselves, as especially in the later chapters there are numerous areas throughout which the puzzles take place - which can lead to some frustration. Of course, a quick reference to a guide is an easy way to relieve that!

Scoperto per puro caso mentre navigavo per l'eShop, Agent A si è rivelato essere una piacevola avventura grafica. La storia è molto semplice ma riesce ad inserire un paio di colpi di scena ben gestiti. Tutti i vari enigmi sono molto intelligenti e alcuni si possono rivelare molto ostici.
Una cosa che ho apprezzato del titolo è che alcuni enigmi hanno una soluzione leggermente diversa dipendentemente dal file del titolo (così le persone non possono andare a cercare online la soluzione). Lo stile grafico non sarà di certo eccellente ma per fortuna l'humor di questo gioco è godibile.

Agent A is a little puzzler set against the backdrop of an espionage story. It is by no means exciting but sets the stage nicely for all of the puzzles. And the puzzles certainly are the star of the game. They have nice pacing and hit a nice difficulty spot for me. I never had to look up any solution or got stuck for too long, but there were enough puzzles that kept me scratching my head for a little while.
One thing that annoyed me though, was the amount you often had to walk back and forth between different locations to solve a series of puzzles. Often even between the same two spots multiple times. But speaking of walking, I liked how the entire game unfolds essentially in a growing area and even loops back to itself - Dark Souls style ;)