AI: The Somnium Files - Nirvana Initiative

released on Jun 23, 2022

Newly-appointed Special Agent Mizuki and her AI partner Aiba are tasked to solve the bizarre Half Body serial killings in this sequel to the critically acclaimed AI: The Somnium Files.

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Really solid game overall, but it also kind of shows how much Date was an integral part of what made the first game so good.
Ryuki and Tama feel like they're intended to be a role reversal of Date and Aiba, but the dynamic doesn't really work as well when the "straight man", so to speak, is the one with the actual agency. It tends to make a lot of his scenes feel a bit more dull comparatively. The game does do some decent things with his character, but it's all mostly relegated to Mizuki's side, rather than when he's actually the protagonist.
Mizuki on the other hand is thoroughly entertaining, just as she was in the first game, though I don't think her dynamic with Aiba is quite as strong as his.
While the story isn't as strong from scene to scene, I did feel the overall story was a bit stronger and more interesting, but even so, I would still say I prefer the first game.

funny ass game. ryuki is there which makes it literally so worth. just play it for him. made me want to hit my head on a wall a few times but the payoff is worth it.

Kotaro Uchikochi did it again.
Very meta, engagin storyline and well-crafted in every ways,
I loved every bit of it !

el final me pegó tal vuelco que prácticamente compensó toda la confusión que sentí durante todo el juego, de los mejores y más locos de Uchikoshi a pesar de su aparente simplicidad. aunque es muy buena, su historia me ha llegado menos que la del original porque tengo trilladas sus temáticas y la trama no es nada continuista; eso sí, me he encariñado más rápido con sus nuevos personajes y me he dado cuenta del gran aprecio que le tengo a los antiguos ❤️ la verdad es que está bastante bien en general, es super entrañable, divertido y entretenido, aunque me siguen sin gustar del todo los somnium...

ryuki my pathetic girlfriend and tama my beloved . story is great at some points and is ????? the rest of the time

While it doesn’t quite rise to the incredibly high levels as the first game, I still had a great time playing this and Ryuki/Tama were better characters then I thought they would be. The major twist did genuinely fool me but that could just be my smooth brain. Lot of weird plot details that don’t make much sense when you think about them more, which is really the only thing holding it back. I thought Somniums were more fun, but still not great. Investigations were pretty fun, would like to see that return in a future game. Music wasn’t as memorable as the first game but it was still pretty good. Overall it’s pretty flawed but still super fun to experience.