AI: The Somnium Files

released on Sep 17, 2019

Play as detective Kaname Date on the case of an elusive serial killer in this thrilling, sci-fi murder mystery.

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I'm never gonna finish it but I enjoyed it a lot! Love the character designs, the dialogue is very.. anime at times but the somnium idea is super cool and at points very well executed. Might pick up the sequel eventually

"I wish I was irresistible to lesbians!"
the monkeys paw curls as your features slowly and horrifically shift to resemble kaname date

compelling plot throughout. cast is really fun when it's not generic anime stuff but to be honest some of the date lines are humorous. aiba/date interactions in general carry this game a lot but I did find myself appreciating the antagonists a fair bit too. kinda gets lost in the sauce by the end but not too much to where I lost interest in seeing it through.

I was absolutely hooked on Somnium Files when I've played it!
The plot is constantly engaging (with full voice acting!) and the cast is simply amazing.
Half a star off purely from a gameplay standpoint considering two lategame somniums.