AI: The Somnium Files

released on Sep 17, 2019

Play as detective Kaname Date on the case of an elusive serial killer in this thrilling, sci-fi murder mystery.

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This review contains spoilers

This is real gaming

Probably some of the best voice acting along with the best dialogue I’ve seen in a game so far

Amazing game, only issue i have were the Somniums, which I expected to be a great idea for interesting puzzles (which we kind of got in only 2 of them), but instead we got some surreal sequences (luckily it lead us to the heartcrushing truth about shovels in ShovelForge) which werent bad, but I wish there was more to their puzzle elements

That aside, great game go play it

Every game should have a dance number as the credits. It makes it exponentially better

All the budget went into the last 5 minutes

This review contains spoilers

I'm so glad I went into this game knowing absolutely nothing because watching as this story unfolds slowly in front of you and all of the little pieces of the puzzle start to come together as you near the end is such a fantastic experience.

The twists and turns that this game took honestly left me speechless more than once, especially in those moments where I thought I'd figured out exactly what was happening, only to have everything turned on its head.

Despite how thoroughly I enjoyed the overall experience of this game, I have a number of gripes with it that honestly detract so much from the story, to the point where some of this game hits closer to a 2 star than the 4 star that I've settled on.

The biggest issue I have is with the dialogue - Date's dialogue specifically. The jokes about him being a pervert obsessed with porno magazines didn't land the first time and they certainly didn't land the 30 times they tried to shoehorn them in afterwards.

Even worse was all of the comments directed at Iris who Date points out on numerous occasions is 1) far younger than him and 2) still in school, and yet he still feels the needs to make weird observations about her boobs and underwear??

And it somehow managed to get worse when it's revealed that Date was something of a father figure to Iris ... and yet he continues to be incredibly inappropriate with her?

There's a very distinct thread of weird humour throughout this whole game which for the most part, I was totally on board with, but some of the "jokes" just went into the realm of creepy and uncomfortable. It's hugely unfortunate for a game that as a complete package, would probably go down as one of my favourites of all time if they just ... reworked some of the dialogue.