Air Twister

released on Jun 24, 2022
by Ys Net

Soar through the sky battling against invaders in this all-new fantasy endless shooter from legendary game creator, Yu Suzuki. Players will assume the role of Princess Arch fighting back against bizarre invaders to save their planet from destruction. They’ll rain down their homing arrows to trace graceful arcs of light across beautiful, artfully crafted stages, before they pierce their foes. With a fun and easy touchscreen swipe-shooting gameplay mechanic, the destiny of the planet is in the player’s hands.

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plays like a bizarro space harrier/panzer dragoon riff. might unironically be one of the best games this year. princess arch needs to be in the pantheon of gaming legends pronto. only yu suzuki can make this many bolted together assets have this much swag. thats why he's the crown prince of gaming and the rest of you are making two hour long video essays about how shenmue 3 didnt cure your anhedonia

If someone put this game in front of me with no context, I'd assume it was a mobile port of some really bad obscure 1998 Dreamcast game that only released in Japan.
You know how Cats (2019) came out and everyone was like "Oh man. It's so bad you gotta go see it. It's terrible"
Air Twister is like that but for video games. The visuals, the menus with Papyrus font, the generally hideous UI, the weird Queen knock-off music. This game is absolutely bonkers. I cannot believe this is a new video game that came out in the year 2022.
+ The actual gameplay's not terrible
+ So bad it's funny so it's got at least a little entertainment value
- Hideous UI feat. Papyrus
- Run based gameplay gets repetitive quickly
- Bad art direction that doesn't suit the mobile graphics

no way i’m the first idiot playing this day one on this website