released on Feb 29, 1988

Your planet has been overrun by the meanest mutant vegetation ever created in a genetics laboratory. It's taken over buildings, labs, fighter craft... even people! And it's getting bigger... and meaner... with each passing second. But it hasn't taken over you. Now, you're going in on a mission to deliver a POWER STRIKE! You have a special attack ship with the ability to use weapons you free from the ground. The action is hot and heavy. The enemy is coming faster than you could ever believe! So fight hard and fast. If you don't turn the mutated vegetation into a giant tossed salad, they'll turn you into toast!

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Joguei até o estágio 5, mas perdi meu save porque o save state do emulador de MSX por algum motivo não funcionava direito, e vou parar por aqui mesmo.
É uma boa sequência espiritual para Zanac, tudo que aquele jogo fazia bem, aqui funciona melhor, os power-ups são mais interessantes e melhor balanceados, as hordas de inimigos são maiores e mais difíceis de se lidar, e continua sendo muito charmoso, brilhando bastante em todos os aspectos estéticos. Porém, também mantém os problemas de seu antecessor, os bosses são repetitivos, e as fases continuam longas e pouco variadas, muitas vezes reutilizando padrões de ataques inimigos, mesmo que aqui a variação dos inimigos em si seja maior.

It's actually insane how a game like this exists on an 8 bit console without making the system spontaneously combust. That being said, it's ambition and insane amount of bullets results in a lot of gameplay flaws that makes the game kind of a fundamentally rough experience.
The biggest thing is with all shmups of the 80s, dying and losing your powerups is IMMENSELY unforgiving, but it might be some of the worst in this game. In order to fully power up your main weapon, you need to collect nearly FOURTY P-chips throughout the levels, and while these come in groups of 4, grabbing them while taking out this games swarms of hundreds of enemies is no easy task.
Next comes subweapons, which it's awesome how there's 8 of them, but I feel like most of them are pretty bad due to the fact that you will be dealing with an absolute swarm of bullets, so you want one that can protect you. From my experience, 2 and 8 were the only ones worth using, with 2 being my go-to.
2 covers you from the front which essentially makes the major threat being shot from the sides or behind, or an enemy ramming into you, which with how many enemies and bullets are on screen is absolutely possible.
Recovery just feels nearly impossible in this one once you do slip up and die, and the game feels like it was designed around weapons that protect you from the front, because otherwise you're playing a bullethell without the predictability of boss patterns.
I can't say the game is bad due to just how sheerly impressive this is for an 8 bit console game, but it's rough.
I reccomend playing the game on the M-2 Aleste Collection for Switch if you can, I played both the original Master System version and the Collection on Easy which basically just allows you to keep powerups on death, which made the game a pretty fun 1CC.

This is that good dpad kind of shooter, good slow down kind of shooter, just weasel it out of there and turbo.

I demand to know who playtested all these mid/late-eighties shmups. Nobody? The world’s sickest and most depraved person? How could you try ALESTE, which has great fundamentals, and think, “yeah, its an awesome idea to just completely fuck the player over if they die even once. I love how annoying and impossible that makes it. Ship it!”
It makes sense in an arcade money-making context, like with Gradius, but in a console game? Just let me keep my dang power ups!

Um sistema de armas bem interessante e uma dificuldade bem humana. Pena que os chefes e níveis são fraquinhos e repetitivos.

My SMS emulator isn't as nifty as most of my other ones, so save scumming would have been a chore. Still, this is another shmup that doesn't do anything exciting. There's more variety than some of the other 1980s shmups (See Salamander), but it still feels pretty barren. The anime aesthetic is a neat change of pace from most but that's the extent of my interest. The backgrounds are pretty busy, which makes this one harder than others to me. Perhaps the MSX version runs better, but I have no desire to try and get an MSX emulator running given my issues in the past. 2/6