Kei and Yumi take the lead as the new heroes. Their quest is to capture all 400 monkeys. You control either Kei or Yumi. The gameplay involves using various methods and weapons to catch them all. The game has many levels with different themes, such as a Haunted Castle, a Racing level, Jungle settings, TV studios and other settings. You can slow the animals down with various objects such as a stun club or a slingback shooter, and then you can capture them with a net.

New to the series are the morphing abilities, eight in all. You can morph into various characters, like a knight and perform a powerful attack or a gun fighter and shoot em up or a ninja and run along walls. You can also vehicles such as a race car to knock down the monkeys. Other features are the familiar Monkeypedia and the unlockable Mesal Gear Solid mini-game (a Metal Gear Solid spoof).

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The peak of ape escape. Slightly improved everything over ape escape 2, but the addition of suits really adds a whole new layer of depth to the platforming. Good boss fights a bunch of new creative monkeys to capture. One of the best 3D platformers.

Sort of a nostalgia ranking but I've gone back and replayed it a few times and I've always been struck by how well this game holds up. Probably one of the best 3D platformers I've seen. The biggest thing that will always stick out to me is the soundtrack, the spacy poppy synthy beats in this game are iconic and I have nearly all of them tucked away in my head somewhere. It's hard for me to even listen to that music nowadays, it gets me caught up in my feelings remembering what it was like playing this game. Fun worlds, tight controls, generally bouncy fun game with a ton of content.

The kind of game that just gives you such a vibe that no other game could ever give you and I am convinced no being in the whole universe could dislike this game

Yeah it's a bit too easy, but so full of charm, color, and delightful transformation sequences. Probably the best Ape Escape overall.