Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale

released on Jul 17, 2013

Step into the life of Sohta, the young son of a family that has just set up a dry cleaners shop in the idyllic town of Fuji no Hana. In his interactions with the town's unique residents, episodic mysteries are revealed that portend to the strange events surrounding the appearance of a giant monster every Friday. And finally, when Friday evening falls, the giant monster will appear right before your eyes!

Collect the "Monster Glims" scattered around town to form Monster Cards, and once you've collected five cards, Sohta can battle his friends for dominance. Winning at Monster Cards gives you the chance to collect useful information, more Monster Glims, and even to cast a secret spell on your friends that will make them fall down at your whim. Why? Because that's the rules!

A touching drama about family, friendship, and the innocence of being a child unfolds against hand-drawn backgrounds, charming music, and memorable characters.

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Attack of the Friday Monsters is a short but sweet story of a 4th grade boy in a new town that takes place all in one day. The whole thing is like playing in a slice of life anime.
It’s a spin off of the my summer vacation series of games. No combat or gameplay really, just vibes and running around a Japanese town being a kid. Not my usual but it came highly recommended, and I can see why.
…Then a giant monster and aliens attack! And your dad might be a dry cleaning themed sentai hero? It becomes very surreal fantasy realism, and I think it’s about how kids view adult relationships.
It was fun and definitely worth the 3-4 hours!

The title has a lot of heart to it and a beautiful presentation. The card game is fun enough for what it is. The game as a whole is perhaps a little overly simple and straightforward, but I'll take these sort of experiences where I can get them.

one of the worst 3ds games that i've played. i couldn't care less about it.

what a cute little game with localisation that is barely coherent

Warm-hearted nostalgic story, just don’t expect much gameplay.

A 3-4 hour taste of a childhood summer running around and playing that one specific game all your friends are into.