Bakugan Battle Brawlers

released on Oct 20, 2009

One day the player's character meets Dan Kuso, one of the Battle Brawlers, who teaches him the rules in a fight against Shuji. (you get a Serpenoid, a Juggernoid, and a Saurus that match the attribute you chose at the start of the game). After going to the local store and meeting Alice, who suggests the player should battle with other brawlers in the park to earn BP (Bakugan Points, the game's currency) a strange Bakugan called Leonidas falls from the sky, who is now the new best friend of the player. (Leonidas' attribute depends on what attribute you chose). Leonidas is an unknown and aggressive Bakugan that was created by all the hate and anger of the lost Bakugan trapped in the Doom Dimension. In several fights the player will meet a lot of people but at the same time a Darkus user, whose name is Marduk, decides to rule over all Bakugan together with Vladitor, another Bakugan that suddenly appears.

Right after Naga got the Silent Core, the seals that held Vladitor captive in the Doom Dimension suddenly broke and he escaped from the Doom Dimension. At the end of a tournament when Dan makes the player an official Bakugan Battle Brawler, Marduk is revealed to have allied with Hal G, Masquerade and Naga in order to defeat the Battle Brawlers and rule over the worlds and the Bakugan. The player must win the Ultimate Battle Tournament, defeating also Dan, Runo, Marucho, Julie, Shun, Masquerade, and a 1-on-1 showdown with Omega Leonidas and Battle Axe Vladitor. After the player wins, both Vladitor and Leonidas disappear, saying they have only little power left after the brawl. Later, the player discovers that Vladitor gave Leonidas his remaining power, saying he deserved it, leaving Leonidas to assume that Vladitor "wasn't all bad". The game ends with the player throwing Leonidas in the air shouting, "Bakugan brawl!".

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Mejor que cualquier juego de pokemon actual. Recuerdo que me vino con un bakugan chevere.
Nunca supe como jugar al multijugador en la versión de ds.

Underrated game, replayed it many times as a kid very much enjoyed.

Had this for both the PS3 and DS growing up. I absolutely loved the Bakugan anime, so naturally I loved this game as well.

Damn I Played This Game Into Oblivion As A Kid What A Blast

This game basically boils down to playing Bakugan and nothing more. Music is annoying, gameplay loop gets tiring, but I have fun with this game and revisit from time to time! More so out of nostalgia at this point.
In terms of licensed kids game, this isn't the worst!

Not a crazy game but it had a crap ton of content and the graphics for a ds game were honestly really solid. I enjoyed this game alot as a kid. I remember getting it after playing the wii version of this game at my neighbor's house, who I got in fights with alot hahahaha