Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery

released on Aug 25, 2021

A narrative-driven puzzle game about collecting, fixing and painting. Enjoy the scenery en route in the world of Behind the Frame, and search for the secrets within. Recollect memories in the time corridor, and savor some beautiful little moments. Combining escape rooms and narrative games, Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery presents a profoundly interactive storytelling of characters' emotions and plot development. With 360° panorama techniques and an exquisite hand-painted art style, the game takes you into the world of Behind the Frame.

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"The endless patter of rain on the street creates a wordless song."

Very well made, the art is lovely and the music is pleasant. The story is a bit lackluster and it's a bit expensive but overall an enjoyable experience

Completed with 100% of achievements unlocked, including DLC. Nicely artistic but very limited in gameplay, Behind the Canvas is a point-and-click puzzle game based around interactions with objects in a painter's studio. Those puzzles are largely just based around pattern/colour recognition so there's little here by way of challenge - the hardest that it gets is locating the hotspots in the environment - and honestly I didn't find the game all that interesting. That said, it's clearly not designed with any great ambitions and as a relaxing, somewhat relaxing interactive story is decent enough.

Behind the Frame is a refreshingly cozy indie point and click game with a nice Ghibli looking artstyle.
The gimmick for this one is that you play as a painter so a lot of the gameplay involves paint-by-numbers sections where you have to paint things a certain colour. It's simple but it's fun enough.
A short but very immersive and pleasant indie.

Beautiful short game where you are an aspiring artist who is trying to complete a masterpiece painting. There is an emotional tale of artistry and love in the game that unravels slowly as you start to complete the painting.
The art style is very reminiscent of Studio Ghibli art style and is very beautifully done, the animation is smooth and even the painting and sketching you do as the main character is amazingly done.
Highly recommend this game, if you want a short game of 2 hours of content with some tears at the end.