BioShock Remastered

released on Sep 14, 2016

A remaster of BioShock

BioShock Remastered was released as a part of BioShock: The Collection and also available separately for PC. The remastered version has achievements, full controller support, high resolution textures, models and interface, and 4K resolution support.

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Hoy, en "No sé dónde coño estaría de no haberme cruzado con él"...

I wish I've played this before!
Well, I'll start with the flaws first: dated controls and some crashing. A little bit frustrating, but nothing that would make me drop it
The good things? INCREDIBLE STORY, I'm with that "I want more" feeling till now. The gameplay is fun, I like the enemies, the graphics are fine and damn, the ambience...
Really a must-play

keep politics outta my andrew ryan game

I love og bioshock but this version consistently crashes a lot. i played it with a friend and it kept crashing, when you buy bioshock you get the remastered and the og version, so do yourself a favor and play the original one. it has more charm as well

me and bioshock go way way back i have tried to play this game countless times in my life but famously enough this remaster is the most garbage piece of trash ive ever encountered in my life and i cannot overstate how incredibly unplayable this game is on PC you got random crashes glitches everywhere gamebreaking bugs that make you lose hours and hours of progress and whatever the fucking hell and all this just for some new shiny textures that SUCK ASS
that aside . beautiful game
bioshock needs no presentation you know what this is and you know everyone loves it so im not gonna just talk about this game profusely . i will but youre on thin fucking ice bitch since the remastered should get a fucking 0 by how terrible it is but whatever
i want to say that rapture is one of the most incredible locations in gaming history as a whole theres so much nuance moral and socio political intrigue psychological implications on both the citizens and the heads of state making this some of the most immersive worldbuilding ive ever experienced the fact that this is a whole city under the city that goes absolute chaos due to the unlimited access to drug like biological substances that make you a walking DNA mutation and that has so many consequences to the psyche of the people in this city to the interactions they have with their selves and day to day life to the point that rapture turns into a mess with freaks roaming through it trying to kill everyone for just a little bit of adam
im in love with rapture it makes for such an intoxicating horror themed backdrop to the main story of the game and also is such an incredible sight in general it feels like going to the oceanographic thing stuff whats the name ok anyway
now the main story is kind of ok i mean i didnt actually like it as much as the worldbuilding the whole atlas thing if you know you know didnt really hit that much for me as much as i wanted to even tho it made for a decently good climax in the end and the different plot twists about the protagonist and the consequent implications are just something that i accepted passively it didnt really made me scream or anything and in general the story progression has some weird pacing due to the game being plagued by some item quests that make me go absolutely fucking crazy because they break the already small tension this game creates throughout like its a really good reason for some exploring but apart from that i was miserable that being said its not really the most groundbreaking story ever its serviceable and makes for some unmatched vibes in the 60s atlantis
again the setting as a 60s world with some incredible biotechnological advancement that is so fucking good and listening to the audio files scattered around was actually more fun sometimes than the main quest since theyre gonna give more nuances to the world of rapture and make for some really interesting side stories that add a lot to the journey
this is also seen in the art direction that has some incredible interiors in different parts of rapture that look like a flourishing city in ruin since you have everything like shops bars red districts theaters and even houses it feels like ruins and its even made more atrocious when you dive deeper into the core of rapture and the only thing youre gonna see is death lava and machinery that lets you see how wicked the reality of this chaotic town was and its just UGHHHHHH its both haunting and beautiful like every single room in rapture is detailed to hell and back and you can see a lot of life everywhere and the juxtaposition with all the ultra recombined people who are walking biohazards is such a fun experience
last but not least the gameplay is super exhilarating theres not a single moment where i wasnt having fun with using both plasmids and weapons and the whole personalization behind this game is honestly incredible im not a huge FPS guy but the latest one ive played is doom eternal so you know this was clunky as shit and yknow i also feel like it was janky even when it was released but since the main focus of the gameplay isnt the precision shooting but just getting in the fight and using everything in your arsenal to fuck these bitches up is fine the plasmids are super fun and customizable with all the upgrades and shit and the weapons are also pretty fun even though i either had zero ammo or i was shitting them from my ass which is weird and in general i feel like the whole going around opening every single fucking drawer and getting your hands into the corpses pants is pretty fucking fun yknow then you have the other passive plasmids liike this game is fun yall just go play it its iconic and really good and has a lot of emotional dread
the little girls thing is kinda weird because its not that much of an ethical choice as i wanted to its like do you want to get 100 adam or 80 adam and sometimes a little gift and i chose the second one and got the perfect ending and am i the only one who felt that ending was kinda weird or am i delulu
fuck the hacking minigame jesus all my homies hate that shit

This shit froze three fucking times and in total I lost like 2 hours of progress because of it.