An action RPG in which the player embodies a Hunter who, after being transfused with the mysterious blood local to the city of Yharnam, sets off into a "night of the Hunt", an extended night in which Hunters may phase in and out of dream and reality in order to thin the outbreak of abominable beasts that plague the land and, for the more resilient and insightful Hunters, uncover the answers to the Hunt's many mysteries.

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Lovecraft und Souls Gameplay - ALLE STERNE.
Ein 60fps Patch oder ein Remaster ist aber leider überfällig.

One of my all time favourite games and my introduction to the Souls series. I absolutely love Bloodborne, both the first time I played it in 2015, and then again to get the platinum in 2017. The fast paced gameplay alongside one of the most oppressively scary worlds one can play in, I love this game so much. I do long for a sequel or spiritual successor.

First ever game I have ever platinumed.