Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django

released on Jun 10, 2004
by Konami

Boktai 2 continues the adventures of Django the Solar Boy as he sets out to rid the world of evil vampires and demons. The second installment in the franchise brings back the solar sensor technology, which incorporates natural sunlight into gameplay. Take advantage of natural sunlight through the built-in solar sensor on the Game Boy Advance cartridge to power up and fuse more than 60 weapons and items. Now you can head outdoors and battle enemies with more weapons, new characters, and a larger game environment.

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nothing says true love like dragging your twin brother's dying body through an entire desert and then nearly killing yourself in an attempt to stop him from turning into a vampire

The introduction of an RPG style leveling system plays completely counterintuitively when paired with the prior game's style of stealth gameplay, the game world in general feels noticeably smaller, and the increase in focus on narrative and characters only serves to thicken the series' already shallow story to more of a slog. I've heard it said that the game's solar sensor feature was the reason the series never took off, but playing this I'm starting to think we never got Boktai 3 because Boktai 2 was such a downgrade from the first game. Despite the misguided design decisions it still has enough of the first game's DNA to be a pretty enjoyable game.