released on Jan 29, 2004

Trapped inside a mysterious laboratory and unable to remember his past, Derrick Cole discovers his extraordinary powers, as he fights for survival against a determined military faction and a legion of seemingly invincible super-human warriors! Breakdown offers an exciting first-person action-adventure gaming experience by combining hand-to-hand combat and state-of-the-art weapons with an intense story line and incredible graphics. Embark on a thrilling and suspenseful search for the truth!

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Se tivesse um remake talvez seria bom

I played this game when I was like 7 or 8 after I picked it up from a Hollywood Video barging bin, and I think the countless hours of punching half-naked hairless buff men made me gay.
Thank you, based Namco.

insane chops and presentation for the era it came out in. sadly overlooked but thankfully backwards compatible so more people can play it.

Breakdown has always had low ratings because the audience expects it to be a competent first-person shooter. They realize the guns don't work in a conventional way and drop the game after an hour, which is understandable. Breakdown is not a good FPS. Instead, Breakdown excels as an extremely ambitious, immersive, and downright insane first person beat 'em up made by the Tekken development team. Breakdown is more of an action beat 'em up than a FPS. It is important to understand that the game is all about punching, blocking and dodging rather than shooting and reloading. Once you get into the right mindset, you are experiencing one of the most surprising gems of the sixth generation.

The Original Soda Drinker
My man Derrick fucking loves soda. Drinking soda helps him heal after gunfights and battles with ancient warriors. While hallucinating an apocalyptic desert vista guess what this mad lad finds? A fucking soda machine. Dude can't get enough of it.
I have a lot of fondness for this game, I had an OXM demo disc with a demo and trailer for this that my sister and I were obsessed with, we thought it was the coolest game ever, and when I finally played it, it was the coolest game. I got filtered hard by the chase scene in the beginning though, and the difficulty is insane throughout. But I like fucked up difficulties and bizarre games, so this makes me think of stuff like Oni when I play it. can't recommend this to anyone though, you need a very specific taste for Breakdown.