released on Sep 01, 2009

Use your Parkour skills to outrun the destruction of your city with just one button!

One of the most popular and best-loved Flash games of 2010, Canabalt was created in 5 days for the Experimental Gameplay Project, and features a rad soundtrack by superstar indie composer Daniel Baranowsky (Super Meat Boy).

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Simple endless runner that kicked off the modern renaissance of the genre (at least on mobile). Pleasantly demure, almost Constructionist environment and art. Casts a surprisingly long shadow over 2010s game development, given its origins.

Maybe it hurt the industry in unpredictable ways, but it's fun, nothing crazy and it definitely feels old, but still fun (Specially the feel of speed)

better use of the concept of speed than most Sonic games.

If you told Adam Saltsman during the 5 hour game jam he created Canabalt in that within less than a decade, his work would inspire Nintendo to release a Mario game with the same central premise, do you think he would've believed you?
Canabalt, though not the original creator of the mechanic, is the modern fountainhead of the endless runner. It's no exaggeration to say that this concept has made copycats tens of millions of dollars in the years since its release. Far more importantly, it has come to define what it means to play games on a mobile device - both introducing interactive media to millions, but also bestowing the gift of play to the disabled.
As a game, Canabalt is good at what it does, though it doesn't do a lot. It's intuitive and simple as games can be, though it does carry with it some thematic heft and intrigue, picking an interesting "War of the Worlds"-like setting and building its mechanics around it. You dive in and out of windows, buildings crumble under your feet, bombs fall from the sky, the limbs of giant walkers appear suddenly in lieu of any permanent structure. It's fairly cinematic, all in all.
As a full-bodied game on PC, it is difficult for Canabalt to hold much attention, though its smattering of challenge modes and co-op play do make a solid attempt. It's worth a play for its legacy but also because it is genuinely fun for the time you'll spend with it.

Es un runner bastante sencillo, no hay power ups ni niveles, es solo un pique amistoso por ver quien llega mas lejos
El juego consiste en saltar por edificios mientras esquivas obstáculos, a medida que avanzas tu personaje se va moviendo cada vez mas y mas rápido hasta que vuelve prácticamente incontrolable, entonces ¿Cómo controlas la velocidad?, simple mientras avanzas veras unas especie contra las que te puedes chocar para disminuir tu velocidad, pero tienes que tener cuidado o si no tu velocidad se reducirá tanto que no podrás saltar los edificios, en un constante tira y afloja
También puedes controlar la altura del salto en función de que tanto tiempo mantengas pulsado el botón, cuando vas lento tienes mas control y si vas rápido te irás disparado sin control hacia delante