Chicory: A Colorful Tale

released on Jun 10, 2021

Chicory: A Colorful Tale is an adventure game about a dog wielding a magic paintbrush! Use the power of art to explore, solve puzzles, help your animal friends and restore color to the world.

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A sincerely beautiful game that tackles imposter syndrome, self-confidence, and the power of play. Chicory's message (and the mechanics it is imbedded in) remind me deeply of cartoonist Lynda Barry's work. Barry calls for non-artists to embrace creativity through drawing like you're a kid again. As adults we can become so self-conscious of our artistic abilities that we stop drawing, painting, and dancing. But Barry asks us to drop any expectations, and draw purely for the sake of play, connecting back to a childlike spirit, scribbling without a care in the world. Chicory provided space for me to reconnect with that.
I haven't drawn for fun like this in years! I haven't had a 64 pack of crayons and dozens of colouring pages set in front of me since I was a lil kid. I feel self-assured not as an artist in my craft, but as a creative person with creative needs. It feels so good to just paint for fun and not worry about how anything looks. Play is a gift.

Super inspired indie game. It's main gimmick is a bit repetitive but they use it in really clever ways that I could really appreciate. The boss battles, OST, and some of the character interactions (namely with Chicory) REALLY carry this game.
Also yes, this is yet another indie game that's secretly about depression and anxiety. It's one of the good ones though, trust.

Love this game, but really should be played with keyboard and mouse. Very difficult with double joysticks.

-O jogo esbanja carisma;
-Possui puzzles e design de fases muito bons e que utilizam bem a mecânica do pincel;
-A missões principais e secundárias não estão em um menu, nem marcados no mapa, mas o jogo te guia muito bem para onde ir, o que deixa mais imersivo;
-Gostei deles terem feito os personagens mudarem de local no mapa, deixando o mundo mais vivo;
-De negativo seriam as lutas de chefes, que não são muito interessantes, e a falta de recompensas mais interessantes do que só estilos de pinturas.

Soundtrack slaps, core mechanic is very intuitive
I feel like I need to enjoy drawing more to enjoy the game more, and I am artistically challenged

it was sooooo cute and fun. it reminded me of those watercolor "paint" books id get as a kid, where you just get the pages wet and the colors would pop out