Chop Goblins

released on Dec 12, 2022

Pursue the malevolent Chop Goblins through time, and foil them with devastating weapons, in this bite-sized FPS from the creator of Dusk, Iron Lung, and Squirrel Stapler

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Short and fun, absolutely worth getting for an hour or two of fighting goblins

It's pretty stupid, but not necessarily in a bad way. The level design is actually pretty good and the combat, while basic, is pretty satisfying.
I don't mind a game being goofy, but I think this one has just a toe over the line for me, and so some of it didn't land. It is undeniably fun, though...

The goblins are cute. And dead.

Short but very fun little boomer shooter that concentrates the essence of what makes those games fun into just a few levels, weapons and enemies.