Chrome Dino

released on Sep 01, 2014
by Google

Chrome Dino is a game easter egg in Google's Chrome web browser. It can be played by touching over the dinosaur or pressing the space bar when your internet connection goes down or by accessing chrome://dino/ on the web browser.

The game is an endless runner. The objective is to jump over cacti an avoid pterodactyls flying in your direction.

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(Played before 2023)
I mean, it is a silly little infinte game that you play when your Internet is down and there is literally nothing to do. You jump over things until you hit something. Night and day shifts are cool for a browser game, but nothing really interesting and I think acting like this is anything better than something to play for five minutes while your router is restarting is kinda silly.

um dos jogos mais classicos da internet, ele n tem muito, mas da pro gasto quando estamos sem internet, e é de longe o melhor dos navegadores na minha opiniao(n sei q tem outros)

More cultural impact than most Sony games.

How do I write more than one paragraph about this game? But anyway I used to disconnect my WiFi connection just to play this game back in the day, my top score was like 10k