Crash Bandicoot

released on Jun 30, 2017

A remake of Crash Bandicoot

A remake of Crash Bandicoot found in the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy collection. Not to be confused with the actual bundle.

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The last time I gave this game a serious go (more than just playing a couple levels and dropping out), I remember it being a really frustrating experience and promptly gave up just before the halfway point. Crash 1 then became a game I'd "come back to" every time I thought about it, but something I kept pushing back as I remembered my prior experiences.
This time around though and a couple Crash games under my belt since then, I actually found it to be a tough but rewarding platformer. Although basic in comparison to the sequels, there's a quaint simplicity to the gameplay of Crash 1 that works out nicely for it, even if it doesn't end up being as packed full or feature-rich as its successors when all's said and done. NST also does quite a lot to make this game more accessible both by modern sensibilities and also to bring it in line with other Crash games, so the slight tweaks also go a long way to making finishing this game feel more like tough love and less like an excercise in torture.
I had quite a bit of fun here all in all, and it's one I intend to revisit again in the future from now on.

I haven't actually rated/review anything in ages so I have a huge backlog of finished games so apologies for spam buuuuut
I finally got the platinum in this! After playing it like 3 or 4 times I finally just committed and the games very good! I've never played the original so can't speak to how they messed up the hitboxes but it's a good length and has a really good trophy list too.
The bosses are a bit naff though.

Just feels absolutely awful to play compared to the original version. Like you’re both weighed down and have too much momentum at the same time (but it somehow doesn’t balance each other out). The original version has its own issues too, but it’s still better than this.

im gonna say it. im glad its a faithful remake but i feel like they couldve done more for newer audiences

V.PS4 - Crash Bandicoot 1 è un classico. Difficoltoso quanto basta per offrire un buon livello di sfida e collezioinabili soddisfacenti da raccattare. L'ambientazione però è veramente poco variegata con livelli che , più avanti , diventano semplicemente un'estensione di altri precedenti con qualche cambio lungo il tragitto. Io queste cose non le sopporto molto. Comunque divertente.