Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller

released on Jul 24, 2002

After New York, what city could be screwy enough for a CRAZY TAXI game? You guessed it, an amped-up version of Las Vegas serves as the backdrop for this chapter in this ultra-tense driving game. As with previous series installments, the object of the game is to collect as much fare money as possible by picking up and delivering passengers at record speeds. You'll have to create a few shortcuts of your won in order to win, and that will mean causing a few crashes and knocking down a few buildings.

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I never beat the campaign (Crazy Pyramid or w/e it is in this game) but it's just more refined Crazy Taxi. Not as nostalgic for it but it's just as good as the first, never played the second so iunno bout that one though.

easily the best one and the sountrack picks are all great

literally the worst game i ever played

Absolutely fantastic and as good as it could possible be for this type of gameplay.
dumbly fun gameplay
interesting style
short but fantastic
the original soundtrack for the pc version is terrible but is easily changed, just drop in the ogg files in the music folder.
it engine tends to lag if you go too fast