An action RPG and spiritual sequel to Demon's Souls in which the player embodies the Chosen Undead, who is tasked with fulfilling an ancient prophecy by ringing the Bells of Awakening in the dark fantasy setting of Lordran, an open world with intricate areas full of beasts, former humans gone hollow, and magical abominations whom the player must overcome in challenging and unforgiving combat.

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The only soulsborne I really love except maybe Bloodborne lmao.

(Played before 2023)
I know people love this game. I just don't understand it to the level they do. It is a good game with challenging gameplay aspects that are rewarding if you are determined to be the game and go through it, learning the mechanics of battles and enemies in order to complete your goal. There is a wealth of content that you have which you can choose as much or as little as you want to do. The soundtrack is wonderful, and the build variety allows you to replay it over and over. But it didn't click with me. I thought the combat was okay. The enemy design was good. The graphics are okay, and the story is just... Okay. It is a good game to me, nothing more and nothing less. I also feel from my experience it is the weakest in the franchise, even including Demon's Souls so I am glad they improved on the formula later on.

First Souls game I’ve completed about 12 years too late.

Invented the most popular subgenre in gaming since the doom clone. Some stinker bosses and levels hold it back slightly, but the highs are so high that any downsides Dark Souls has doesn't matter.