An action RPG and spiritual sequel to Demon's Souls in which the player embodies the Chosen Undead, who is tasked with fulfilling an ancient prophecy by ringing the Bells of Awakening in the dark fantasy setting of Lordran, an open world with intricate areas full of beasts, former humans gone hollow, and magical abominations whom the player must overcome in challenging and unforgiving combat.

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This is the only refinement that the Demon's Souls format needed. The other successors are welcome, but superfluous.

I avoided this game for as long as I remember, but after playing it for the first time after completing Elden Ring and Sekiro, I finally sat down and did the deed. And now I absolutely see why this game is praised to high heaven. It's world, level design, bosses, music, everything just feels so enticing but horrific. The game is in a constant dance of amazing you and infuriating you but it never gets to be too much because you know every time you mess up it's on you.

com certeza o dark souls que considero o mais fraco, mas ainda assim, otimo jogo

My deepest darkest secret is that I never finished the original Dark Souls, despite being a diehard fan of the franchise, and From Software in general. My appreciation for this game has only grown over the years, and I've beaten the remaster multiple times, but the original Dark Souls sits unfinished 3 bosses from the end on my dusty old Xbox 360 to this day.
None the less, this game is a masterpiece.