Disney's Darkwing Duck

released on Feb 01, 1993
by Capcom

A port of Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck is a side-scrolling platform game featuring the titular character from the Disney television series. The gameplay is similar to Duck Tales, also resembling Mega Man games in many ways. Darkwing's default weapon is a gas gun; special adapters that modify its functions can be collected during exploration. By using his cape, Darkwing is able to deflect some of the enemy projectiles. Weapons can be changed via a sub-screen.

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My first videogame ever ! Realised years later it was a megaman like. Well, I didn't knew either there were more than 3 stages

The physics are iffy compared to NES version, but it's still fun. Like other Capcom's Disney Game Boy games, the layouts are similar but also different, making this a new expirience.