Demon Turf

released on Nov 04, 2021

The 3D platformer with attitude! Join Beebz in her ambitious goal of taking over the Demon Turfs and becoming the Demon Queen herself! Jump, spin and punch your way across the turfs with unique mechanics like momentum-driven combat and self-placed checkpoints. Face the Demon King head on!

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Sorry to say I did not like this one. The flat image of a 2D character does not work well in a 3D platformer and the overall level design was lacking. Movement options had potential but it just wasn't very enjoyable to play.

Funky, kooky, lots of bits are fun to play.

If you turn off the Voices, it’s a great Mario Sunshine successor

Good platformer! Took a big break in between because the second trip levels were a lot harder compared to the first run, and you have to collect a lot of batteries to get to the final boss. It's a bit exhausting. when the abnormal mapping podcast said they were going to cover it, i decided to hop back in and finish it up. I ended up just buying the last 5.

Cool indie platformer.
I love 3D platformers, specially movement based ones like Super Mario 64. The freedom of using the level design to your advantage is always awesome if done right. Much like 64 and Sunshine this game is a collectathon, were the main objective is to get to the end while trying to collect various items along the way. It's not Donkey Kong 64 or Banjo Kazooie levels of insane collection were there are trillions of different objects to grab, instead most of what we collect is optional. Batteries are like the Stars or Jiggies in this game, end a level and you get one automatically. The candies are the equivalent to your coins, rings, music notes you name it. Can be traded to skip levels on a certain shop in the hub area. Then you have the cakes which can be your Red Coins or Jinjos. The cakes as well as the candies are optional and don't grant you a Battery.
As I said before this game is focused on movement, trying to not play by the rules and getting your own path is really rewarding. Level design is made with this in mind and wants you to use the most out of your moveset. One thing I can say though is that most levels, specially in the "Return Levels" felt more like simple obstacle courses and weren't as imaginative as I wanted them to be. Return Levels are like more difficult versions of past stages, every main level has one of those. They aren't required to beat the game but as the normal stages, it rewards you with a Battery by the end of the level.
It's somewhat difficult to put into words how varied the movement is in this game. Go check out Nitro Rad's video, he gets more in depth about it. I can only say it's simple and really intuitive.
There is combat in this game as well, and unfortunately it is the weakest part of it. You don't directly damage the enemies, you push them to something that can damage them instead. It can be a spike or directly shove them to the void. That very same aspect gets tiring after a while, enemies get tougher to push thus requiring you to get close to assert a more precise punch. You'll need to dodge what enemies are throwing to you as well so more often than not it gets frustrating.
One thing that this game made me fall in love with it's the checkpoint system. It is not marked on the map in a sort of safe zone. Instead, you put your own. Up to 3 flags you can just put at any point of a level and that's it. It entices you to get risky and try the level as much as you want from a point you decide is the most suitable. The levels ain't really that long to begin with, so it comes more as a plus rather than a ncessity you need to rely on all the time.
Few bad things I can say about this game. The music is well, there. It's mostly background music and doesn't do much beyond that. Shame because the fast movement and the dynanism of the level design can be open up to some fire tracks that can go alongside the stages. Talking about levels, the variety isn't as original as I hoped it to be, why? They are thematic stages. You have you snowy world, your lava world, beach world and so on. It feels specially worse in the "Return Levels" that don't try to spin the wheel that much. Thus resulting in a very repetitive and same-y feeling.
The last thing I want to talk about are the different abilities you can obtain after defeating the bosses. They are great, but I wished we could change them on the fly. Using the D-Pad for instant changes would have been the perfect outcome.
So in short. A cool indie platformer with great ideas with an execution that could've been a bit better.

I saw this on Nitrorad's list of games and thought it looked cool. The whole aesthetic captures that Late PS1 and Dreamcast feel of 2D in 3D, even if a little on the simpler side, and the Mario Odyssey looking movement got my interest. and is absolutely appealing. Thankfully, all of those are there and feel great. Despite being a 2D sprite I never got confused as to where I was in the 3D space which is a miracle.
But one thing that might put someone off is the difficulty in tandem with the checkpoint system, but I feel it's me to blame on that one. It's really easy to forget that you're making your own checkpoints here, so if you die after a long stretch (you will) it's back to your last faraway checkpoint or the start. That said if you're thirsting for some challenging platforming, this game's got it at least. There were some rare janky deaths and a few hazards that lack some SFX, but once you know they're there they won't get you twice. I commend this game for trying something different with its checkpoint systems, but there's a reason why most games just place them for you.
The platforming is solid but the combat is overly simple and plays out the exact same every time, even after you get more abilities, making it more of a time waster than anything. The levels can also be needlessly spacious, especially erronious are the death planes being miles away from where you are, so if you fall you will feel it (you can hold Up on the DPad to be sent back faster but it takes a bit). This is especially egregious in the worst level of the game, Sewer Factory (First Trip) which if you try to play smart you will easily get lost and find yourself in a huge expanse of nothing on the rooftops (it's used in Second Trip, but they should have gated the area off better)) This spaciousness extends to the overworld, which you have to traverse your first time in each area. It's nice to feel like a world is there, but it could have been a little smaller there.
The story tries to have a mini arc with Luci but since the story is hardly there it just kinda misses. other than that the story serves its purpose fine. I'm not the biggest fan of Beebz's voice but it's fitting and everyone else is well too. Meanwhile the music slaps and is the best part of the game.
If you play this game, please remember to place your checkpoints wisely!