Dere Vengeance

released on Sep 19, 2023

Unleash your fears in a fourth-wall-breaking platformer that will leave you questioning allegiances... and reality itself.

Let the hauntingly atmospheric soundtrack and meticulously designed pixel art engulf you in paranormal encounters, impossible glitches, psychological horror, and the nostalgia of classic side-scrolling games.

Enjoy the guidance of A.I.D.E. and a very kind and morally right "Dev," who'll be there to assist players every step of the way. The companions also help give an eerie charm to the surreal experience of playing this unique game. Players also encounter eccentric characters, scary creatures, and unsettling corruptions along their journey.

Experience terror as you navigate nightmarish yet fair platforming challenges with precision and dread. The old-school hard gameplay is reminiscent of classic games that are hard to put down, preparing the brain for the kind of scares that make most analog horror media effective.

Dive into thrilling meta-horror that defies the boundaries of the creepypasta digital horror genre, blending fear and suspense into a truly surreal experience. In DERE Vengeance, the player is part of the story.

Embrace the perfect blend of nightmare and adventure in this story-rich platformer that promises genuine scares and enjoyable gameplay. You can embark on DERE Vengeance without playing our other games, though not advisable, as this terrifying adventure stands on its own with a unique and intriguing experience.

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Dere vengance es un buen juego, se nota que esos 5 años de desarrollo valieron la pena, cada detalle visual y en gameplay vienen de otros juegos de appsir, esto mas que un juego de plataformas es un juego de puzzle y se siente fantastico es genial, como debes jugar con las fisicas en dere.exe, las plataformas moviles de puzzle peack exe, mapas de hopbound, realmente es un juego que se nota que todos los juegos que hizo fue para hacer este juego y joder el final que bello final que acaba con la historia de 2 personajes de forma bella, buen trabajo darius y appsir muy buen trabajo.