Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition

released on Nov 10, 2020

An expanded game of Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition features improved visuals and gameplay at up to 120 frames per second. Alongside all previously-released downloadable content, other additions include Vergil as a playable character, ray tracing graphics options, and two additional game modes: Legendary Dark Knight mode, which significantly increases the number of enemies in each level, and Turbo mode, which increases the game speed by 20%.

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Who knew that adding Vergil as a playable character would make one of the finest action hack-and-slashers even more demonically impressive!
I still prefer the original and DMC3 in terms of level/environment design, but the combat here is unmatched. Super Sexy Stylish C-c-c-combos in ray-traced 120fps!

Voici comment dénaturer une licence classique avec toutes les conneries de nos jours. Est-ce qu’on peut m’expliquer le changement de chara-design ? Ça m’a complètement dégoûté dès le début du jeu je n’avais plus du tout l’impression de retrouver les personnages que j’aimais tant.
Le charme qu'on retrouve dans les précédents DMC est quasi inexistant.
Enfaite par moment on dirait un vulgaire jeu vide que n’importe quelle studio peut sortir de nos jours avec des beaux graphismes et voilà ça s’arrête là.
Le gameplay de V est nul à chier.
Mais bon sinon à part ça le jeu est bien ça va, un peu long à démarré. La fin est une très bonne conclusion à l'histoire, si DMC 6 il y a je sais vraiment pas quelle direction ils vont prendre.

they still didnt make lady playable + theres no lady and nico *** scene
mid tbh

The other day I heard someone describe how Devil May Cry 4's ending became a really somber moment for them. This confused me but after thinking about it some more I understand it if you were a DMC fan. You had to be disappointed by DMC4's lackluster quality, and whatever the hell DmC was, as a franchise you loved was put on ice. That "will we meet again?" at the end of DMC4 really becomes something more as I keep thinking about it. The feeling of uncertainty if there will ever be a new entry again, and if it will even be good.
11 years later, and they delivered.
That's what's always going to be the most amazing thing about DMC5. That it is Devil May Cry 5. A new entry that's as Devil May Cry as they come. It picks up on the pieces from DMC4 and builds upon everything to deliver such an enjoyable and unforgettable experience that left me smiling.
Nero is back and he continues his arc from 4. His gameplay has been slightly retooled as in place of Devil Bringer he's given Devil Breakers which adds a pretty big amount of freedom in combat. I kept finding myself experimenting with new Devil Breakers as much as I could.
He's nothing to scoff at either. Man he plays so well in this game that I squealed like a twink bouncing on dick at his gameplay. If I'm honest Dante can be very overwhelming due to the fact that you're given a lot of options regarding how you want to play it but once you get it down he's a god.
There's also the newcomer, V. I didn't know if I'd like V, but after beating the game I can say I really enjoyed his characterization as well as his gameplay. When it comes to my group of friends I'm in a very weird position with V as I neither wholly love him nor do I find his sections boring. It really is commendable that V is a very large departure from the usual Devil May Cry gameplay yet he still ends up being a great deal of fun. Although it really should be addressed that on a whole, V is pretty easy. The problem with V just comes down to there being a lack of skill when it comes to his sections at his part as without even trying I was hitting SS ranks easily. I'm not gonna say that a character of his playstyle doesn't belong in DMC as that'd just be wrong, but I would really love to see if they ever build on a character that plays like him if they ever make a DMC6.
Level Design is where I'm left confused on the game. The levels are indeed fun but something I realised very early on us that a large portion of them are missing the puzzles you'd find in earlier DMC games. Do I like this change? Well I can't say I dislike it but I do think it can take out the uniqueness of levels, although I can't say I much enjoyed the puzzles I encountered in DMC3 and 4 that much. If I had to guess I think this was done so the game would be accessible to newer players
In my DMC4 review, I talked about how that game lacked a strong atmosphere of earlier DMC titled and has aged the worst graphically in my eyes. DMC5 fixed this for the most part, the levels really are pretty immersive to the point where I could almost feel the cool morning breeze of Redgrave City, but I can't say it's as strong as earlier DMC titles. Also it remain to be seen if this game ages graphically as much as DMC4, but I don't think it will if I'm honest.
Did I talk about the story yet? The story really rocks I can't lie. Narratives haven't been this franchise's strong suit but I will admit I never minded that as it really was apparent that it was not one of the core focuses of the franchise. DMC3 relies on a lot of subtext and symbolism for its narrative which I've spent a lot of time analysing but I can't say I was ever moved by it or fell in love with it but I can appreciate what was there. DMC5 on the surface isn't much different as its still a pretty fun action story yet there's a greater deal placed on the narrative this time, and while yes the later section can feel a bit contrived I really do like it. I love the fact that they didn't toss DMC4 aside and continued Nero's story. I love the fact that the game acknowledges the series history to the point where it's pulling in references from the DMC anime and even fucking DmC of all things. What a wild ride.
Oh yeah, this is the Special Edition so there's also Vergil's campaign which I played through. Gameplay wise, Vergil's very fun but he's also pretty easy, not as easy as V I'd argue but I don't really mind it as his campaign is something you play after the game has finished and I don't think it's a big deal to have an OP character as post game content. Something I should address about Vergil. He's hot as fuck. I've battled with the feeling of whether I want to FUCK Vergil or be FUCKED by him. Knowing Vergil you'd assume that he would refuse to bottom and obviously choose the latter, right? Well, I disagree. Reader, have you ever heard of the term "power bottom"? I heard it the other day. I don't fucking know what it means but I assume it has something to do with sex, and it has power in the name. Power... Vergil loves power...yes please bust this twink down NOW.
Oh yeah also Mission 20 as Vergil is the coolest thing ever lmao
There's a bunch of shit that I didn't get the chance to talk but I don't wanna drag out this review for much longer. I really do feel confident that this might be the greatest action game ever made and I tip my hat to Itsuno and his team for giving it their all. Playing this game made me wanna replay the franchise all over again and I'm sure I'll revisit this game countless time over the years, slowly trying to master it to the best of my ability. Until then, goodbye Devil May Cry. It's been a blast.