Dino Crisis 3

released on Jun 26, 2003

Dino Crisis 3 is a survival horror video game released exclusively for the Xbox. It is the fourth and final game in the Dino Crisis series. Like the previous iterations of the series, gameplay revolves around fighting dinosaurs. Unlike the first three installments of the Dino Crisis series, the enemies in the game are not real-world dinosaurs, but new species created through advanced genetic engineering technology. The action takes place in outer space, on a starship, the Ozymandias.

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wow. So the pros first, since I do think this game is a bit too unfairly treated. This game is already interesting to me on principal due to it being an original xbox exclusive dino crisis game that literally nobody talks about, so the fact that it takes place in god damn SPACE with CYBORG MUTANT ZOMBIE DINOSAURS is the icing on the cake. The game graphically looks good, even if it goes a bit too hard into making EVERYTHING reflective, but I appreciate it. The plot is bonkers and could easily be described as what happens if you threw 2001 a space odyssey, alien, and jurassic park into a blender, so the game is constantly entertaining in that end. The game even has more action focused gameplay to distance itself even more from being just "resident evil with dinosaurs", which is cool. Where it all falls apart, unfortunately, is the camera. The camera in this game is probably one of, if not then THE worst camera i have ever used in a video game. Constant camera cuts and camera movement make navigating the already rather linear spaceship extremely disorienting, as there will be plenty of times where you get spun around unknowingly and go back the exact way you came. Combat also consists of mashing the shoot button and letting the extremely generous auto aim let you know if there are any enemies offscreen, and there usually are. The game as a whole is really entertaining to experience but not very fun to actually play. If the camera was better then I think this game would have a much better rep among people. Definitely not something i could honestly recommend, but if you are curious like me and kind of know what you are gonna get yourself into, this game can be a hell of a time.

i was gonna play this for like 5 minutes for the funnies but im too lazy to get the emulator working its 11:40 man

Who keeps changing the fucking covers for this series this game is bad enough

When i was told this game is unbearable i thought people were being hyperbolic. No, infact they downplayed it. This is the worst game i have ever played. This is the worst camera ever and it requires you to do 3D platforming. Video footage does not convey how disorrienting it is to try and play this game and have a sound understanding of 3D space at any given time while trying to use your jetpack. Enemies are never on screen. Weapons shoot weaker than the dudes in jav porn and bosses have 7 quintillion health so any boss fight takes 15 minutes when they have maybe 3 moves at most. Now i understand why this game isn't backwards compatible or available digitally. Respect on capcom not scamming poor suckers who don't know just how bad this is.

Well what you know, dinosaurs in space! Awesome in concept, but awful in execution...
It has none of the already established story lore from the previous games and there's no Regina this time which really sucks, considering that it takes place in the long distant future with bland characters that nobody cares about. But what really kills the game is playing the game itself with its horrid camera angles, annoying platforming and killing the dinosaurs themselves is a real painful drag, which is made more frustrating because of the stupid camera angles!
Pity that this is the game that made the Dino Crisis series go extinct...