DmC: Devil May Cry

released on Jan 15, 2013

DmC: Devil May Cry is the fifth game in the hack-and-slash third-person action series and the first not largely developed by Capcom. This title is a reimagining of the series, with the same protagonist Dante, but set in an alternate universe. The Dante in this game is very different from before, doing away with the trademark white hair and altering the main character as well as the game's tone with a much more Western influence. The gameplay is still largely identical as Dante engages many opponents with a fast fighting style, stringing together combos and hits in quick succession.

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(Played before 2023)
Good music, fun to kill demons. That somes up all the positives. I hate Dante's new design, I hate the 'teleported into demon world' because it makes every level feel exactly the same, and the platforming wasn't that interesting. This was the first DMC game I played, and probably why I've never really gotten into the series.

Install an "El Donte spanish sombrero dante" mod for this shit and play it with a friend, the gameplay and music will go genuinely hard while the story will provide you tons of laughs with how utterly mediocre it is.

I don't know how else to describe this game other than Aggressively Mid.

One of the most unhinged AAA games ever made. It's up there with the PS3/PS4 David Cage games as some of the most insane and laughably bad writing while being completely lacking in self-awareness. It is literally the most unintentionally misogynistic piece of media I've ever consumed. The fact that this studio had the gall to call Trish and Lady prostitutes with guns only to have the girl that's part of the group serve as a bargaining chip for the game's villains and have a character who was only able to find meaning in her life by being the main villain's incubator and actively punish her for it is so laughably ironic. It also features two of the most insufferable main characters that gaming has to offer as the game insists that they are so cool, they are cooler than the real Dante and Vergil. The writing is also one of the most pretentious in any game ever, and I don't even mean that the game is artsy, it's far from that. It instead insists upon itself when it comes to how smart the game is while having one of the most intellectually shallow scripts ever. It's literally "wake up sheeple" type writing. The gameplay also sucks ass. The gameplay is what some people think of when they say that the DMC games are a series of button mashers as spamming the same moves over and over improves your combo score just as much as keeping things varied. It also doesn't even have a lock on: one of the most ubiquitous features of any third person action game. The game is also littered with mediocre platforming segments to pad out the game. The game is also fugly. The game is both filled with segments with the colors being so saturated it gets in the way of playing and cutscenes that look extremely washed out and drab. The character models are also extremely visually unappealing with one of the villains being a stupid Botox joke, the female character of the group looking like a doll, Dante looking like an emo boy with a MySpace account in the 2000s, and Vergil being a wannabe fascist. The game is extremely creatively bankrupt. One of the arcs of this game literally rips off the slurm queen episode of Futurama and has the most obnoxious parody of Bill O'Reilly. The fact that there are still defenders of this game in the gaming press goes to show that there are still remnants of this weird tribalism against Japanese gaming studios that has existed throughout the 2000s. Play this game if you really want to get angry after playing the first four games as you think about how this exists because of Keiji Inafune trying to westernize Capcom and how it took so long to get a real sequel to DMC 4 because of it.

If you look past the blatant disrespect to what the series is supposed to be the gameplay is actually alright