Dodgeball Academia

released on Aug 05, 2021

A sports RPG game featuring rookie dodgeball student, Otto. Join Otto and an eclectic cast of characters as they train to dominate on and off the courts of the academia.

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Fun, short game about the competition of a tournament. Action RPG where the combat is dodgeball with a surprising amount of depth, including different elemental attacks, charge throws, counters and catches, special moves, and a varied cast of enemies. Each chapter is a day in the life of a high school student as they deal with classes, social interactions with other students and competing in a school wide tournament. The art style is cute with 2D characters in a 3D world, reminiscent of Amazing World of Gumball, and the UI complements it very well. The soundtrack is fine and while there aren't any tracks I particularly loved, there weren't any that were annoying. This game has fun combat, good pacing, and the writing holds up as well, fleshing out each party member very well for a game so short.
While the rolling mechanic allows you to traverse quickly and add character to Otto, the bumping is a little annoying and I wish there was a way to stop rolling without jumping. You would still be able to occasionally bump into other students which would be fine. The doors not opening in time for you to enter them is a minor pet peeve, wish they worked like they did in Animal Crossing. I also hate the name Otto for some reason, but that's also a minor complaint. If there was a little more to this game besides the combat and the story, or if the music was better I would give it a 5.

Very fun times, has a lot of areas where it could have expanded itself (more focus on the other party members being the big one that I felt was missing), but it keeps things fairly simple and what’s there is executed very well. It’s a pure hearted love letter to shonen tournament arcs with fantastic character designs and quirky special abilities for its cast, the dodgeball gameplay is fun as hell and it’s just so likable. Nice game :)

Nunca esperé que me gustara tanto un juego de quemados en una escuela.

Solid game but not something I'd revisit. Fun art style, interesting concept and a decent story, but just not something that personally grabbed me.

O jogo é bão, diferenciado e tals, mas eu meio que enjoei depois de um tempo

um dia eu termino, ai eu colo nota máxima