Dogs Can Speak English

released on Dec 10, 2022

Love in the digital age.

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I don’t think I’m allowed to say what I think about this on here but uhh I really dislike it lmao
kim wexler jimmy mcgill yaoi love is love 💔

Fewprime has once again made feel like I've been hit with a baseball bat

Agknowledging how my direct relationship with Heather is going to problematize analysis I'll just chalk this up to an awareness post and keep it simple and sweet. Very similar in to Heather's last game "The Bombs Have Been Dropped..." in form and function. Glad this idea of using bitsy's text in this way hasn't been quarantined to a one off. I think Heather may have actually played a role in inventing a new type of videogame poem by pursuing this. It seemed like a novel 1 time gimmick constraint in Bombs, but I think that might have just seemed that way due to the length of it. This one is by contrast a quarter as long and thus reinforces the poetic nature of the single line text itself as a poetic action.
The game itself is a merging between the erotic poem and sci fi horror. If you're familiar with the work of Porpentine (Cyberqueen, Vesp, Howling Dogs) or with cybernetic corruption doujinshi you'll be well enough prepared for what you're heading into here, but its brief runtime and abstract 1st person narration will protect you from feeling like you're being Voyeuristic to some private moment you shouldn't have seen.
It's brutal and kinky at the same time, just how I like it. It's the perfect digital poem in that its cough about the experiences with somebody without being so bounded to it. Meaning to say that it can stand completely on its own. This is also Heather's prose at its absolute best. It's a work more likely to horrify you than turn you on or feel romantic but that's kind of what I think is so awesome about it.
Lesbian romance really does feel this alien and lustful. People view trans people as hypersexual single minded fiends, and lesbians as the least sexual of all LGBT often being made the joke of 'lesbian bed death' myths etc. which are both intensely perpetuated lies. But when the translesbian writes of her sexuality it comes off that much more of an anomaly. A half decade ago otaku reactionary moids I knew were baffled on the idea that a translesbian was even a thing. The translesbian is an aberration, an 'impossibility' in the eyes of the public, but its in seeing us speak in defense of each other that such bigotry flails in on itself in tears. Go ahead and be abjectly terrified, I crave the sweet nectar of cis fear. What works like this reveal, at least to me, is that the best form of expression is going to disturb and displace those surrounding you. For obvious reasons, we read that as a tragedy, that we can't live in harmony. But screw it, if we are going to be this demonized, let us be your demons then.