Dome Keeper

released on Sep 27, 2022

Dome Romantik has grown to become Dome Keeper with beautiful updated pixel art, atmospheric music and sound and more of everything. Defend your dome from wave after wave of hostile attacks in this roguelike survival miner. Use the time between each attack to dig beneath the surface in search of valuable resources. Use them carefully on powerful upgrades to help you stay alive and make it to the next world.

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It’s kinda fun. Gets very repetitive after a bit but it’s somewhat enjoyable.

fun for a couple of runs sword dome for real

Muito divertido, ótimo pra passar tempo fazendo runs curtas

A simple but fun gameplay loop with just the right amount of tension. The atmosphere and music are excellent and I really appreciate variety of gameplay modifiers and tweaks to mix things up. Not something I can play forever but I had some really great moments with this one - nothing beats the feeling of that truimphant return the surface with the relic in tow!

resource management games usually aren't my favourite, but this was surprisingly fun! loved the exploration process of mining and looking for resources, balanced with the increasingly challenging but satisfying combat rounds. the art style is beautiful (especially the different themes and settings!), and the variety in gadgets, upgrades, domes, and keepers means there's so much to discover and enjoy with each play through.