Don't Starve Together

released on Apr 21, 2016

A standalone expansion of Don't Starve

Fight, Farm, Build and Explore Together in the standalone multiplayer expansion to the uncompromising wilderness survival game, Don't Starve. Discover and explore a massive procedurally generated and biome-rich world with countless resources and threats. Whether you stick to the surface world, go spelunking in the caves, dive deeper into the Ancient Archive, or set sail for the Lunar islands, it will be a long time before you run out of things to do.

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Este jogo é simplesmente um grande desafio, ele me lembra como era minecraft bem no inicio (quando ninguém sabia fazer nada e estavam descobrindo os craft). Dont' Starve Together apenas te larga no meio do outono para sobreviver, a cada morte que você tem você vai aprendendo a se adaptar ao jogo. O mundo tem coisa para explorar/aprender e com a diversidade de bonecos vai mudando bastante a gameplay. O jogo ainda é melhor jogando com amigos. Wortox supremacy.

A wonderful Roguelike experience that kind of gets boring after dying a bunch of times. Nonetheless, maybe I might get to the late game some day if I'm motivated enough.

This game is a delightful challenge that incentivizes you to strategize and manage your resources. Different characters have their own niches, which are really fun to explore. Of course, being able to play with friends makes the experience all the better.

believe it or not the to get her game is much better with friends

Um jogo de sobrevivência extremamente bom, um jogo excelente e extremamente desafiador.
Os sistema de chefe e de personagens são bem amplos e extensos, além de proporcionar grandes horas.

The controls had me confused, the game apparently has microtransactions, and I have no idea what is going on when creating the world.
Not saying this isn't good, but I just don't like, or understand, it.