Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part Two

released on Mar 18, 2021

DLC for Doom Eternal

The Ancient Gods - Part Two is the epic conclusion to the Doom Slayer's Saga and the second campaign expansion to the critically acclaimed Doom Eternal.

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a história é maneirissima apesar de meio apressada, os inimigos novos são legais e a quantidade exagerada de inimigos melhorou muito com a adição do martelo na gameplay, muito mais útil que a espada do jogo base tbm, mas sinceramente o pedaço q vem os dois marauders junto com os inimigos q gritam e o boss final foram simplesmente insuportáveis, o jogo faz uma propaganda desgraçada pra esse último chefe pra ele ser uma luta chata onde ele regenera vida sempre e tem o mesmo padrão de ataque durante 10 minutos usando uma armadura esquisita. se não fosse esse último chefe eu dava um 8

Really Good
9,5/10 - Length
6,5/10 - Price
6,5/10 - Performance/Bugs
9,0/10 - Gameplay
8,0/10 - Story/Experience
Score = 7,9/10

Why the fuck did they waste Doomguy's first time speaking on him saying shit like rip and tear when this has the better and less eye rolling wink to the camera way to do it raaaaaahhh!!! Also, this shit is just a Quake game that they called Doom lmfao. It's all right there. The nonsensically fucked up lore and legendary RPG Knight savior Doomslayer shit. The emphasis on movement and jumping, plus a fucking hammer. It's Quake it's goddamn Quake and we didn't even see it this whole time.
Fucking baller. Dare I say it's better than part 1? Honestly? Yeah it is. Everything in Part 1 and the base game has been expanded upon and brought to an even further insane level. Everything about Doom Eternal is cracked the fuck out. From the gameplay, to the music, to the story it's all crackhead shit that has me grinning like a psycho for the entire 30 or so hours I've spent between the campaign and the expansions. It's kind of funny how I feel that Doom 2, a game I used to (and still do!) unabashedly love feels like it overstays its welcome after replaying it yet Doom Eternal which is around twice the length just breezed through for me. Got a massive hard on every time I'd be on some psycho shootout with like 50 goons and then a fucking Cyberdemon joins in cause they're just cannon fodder now too. Disrupting that fucker Marauder's stun state into being even longer with the hammer. And the Sentinel Hammer goddamn it. Never has a game gotten me closer to feeling like Bob the Fucking Builder or Gaogaigar it's a 10/10 on that alone. So much better than The Crucible too since it refills with glory kills.
I could go on and on about how this shit rules and may actually be the best FPS of the past decade (contentious since for everyone else it's Titanfall 2, but I'm dying on this hill damn it!), but the tl;dr is that if you liked Doom Eternal you will like these expansions. Period.
If I was a woman this game would have probably been such a huge jolt to my hormones that I would have transitioned to the opposite gender.

More doom. (part 2) I liked how they experimented with the enemies and how before under utilized weapon modes are now necessary to defeat some enemies.

try to not get it on console. its riddled with weird errors that wont let you access/play it even after fully paying for it. but this and the first game and the base game are amazing

Not as good as Part One, but still great. I liked the new enemies and tools a lot more in this one, but they felt less well utilized. The final boss of this episode is also underwhelming compared to the absolute nailbiter of a boss in Part One. It's still worthy of the Doom Eternal name with some excellent ripping and tearing, but doesn't quite reach the highs this game has previously established.