Dread Delusion

released on Jun 15, 2022

Dread Delusion is an open world RPG brimming with strange places and dark perils. Carve your own path through the flying continents of a shattered land. Discover curious towns, unearth occult secrets, master powerful magic - and change the world through your choices.

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I originally had some pretty big complaints with this, mostly amounting to a lack of actual role-playing depth and pretty atrocious combat, but upon reflection (and upon playing most of what's already available) I think that's a somewhat unfair assessment. I think that Dread Delusion almost suffers a little from how heavily it wears it's influences on it sleeve, and that's not really the game's fault, but I went into this expecting it to be "indie Morrowind", when in truth it like, almost borrows more mechanically from Breath of the Wild? Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of old-school TES in here- the creatively designed world, the allusion to a grand history you might not be able to piece together right away, the perspective and general visual aesthetic- but what's really emphasized, above all else, is exploration and discovery. Not even nook or cranny holds something truly fascinating, but just like in BotW there's always something peppering the landscape, enticing you to seek further. Pockets of compelling quests or locales are dotted around the map, but between them are less major locations, puzzles and collectables to keep the world from feeling empty. There's a very real sense of discovery and awe here once it "clicks" and the full scope of the (currently unfinished) world hits you. As of now, I'd say this is still something really, truly special. I can't wait to see where it goes next.

prolly the indie game I'm looking the most forward to

One of the most promising indie games coming out. For all the indie games that seem to hit the same few genres it's always nice to see one that tries something new and ambitious. What's already here is good looking forward to the full release.

I've been really excited for this to come out since I first saw screenshots on Twitter, and it's a really cool concept.
I should start by saying I love the aesthetics, the art direction is FANTASTIC and the vision of the directors is so inspiring and cool.
So far it's fallen a little flat in terms of picking up action and roleplay, the world is a little underwhelming and there's not a lot to interact with outside of the combat (that the game tells you flat out you don't have to do, which I like). It took me a solid few hours to get to the first town, and I was honestly expecting more to do therein. I'm also getting lost fairly frequently just because the map isn't activating landmarks or telling me where I am (there are like, three symbols on the map and they've stayed the same since I started the game).
I'm also two hours in and I've only gotten access to two spells, one of which makes me move faster and the other teleports me back home (I'm playing a spellcaster class, so I'm wondering when I actually get to be a spellcaster). I'm also drowning in lockpicks, which is fine considering the lockpick checks are literally just luck-based, but it still feels like there's something missing with that system.
There are a couple of early access issues that I can't be mad at, i.e. how the map doesn't seem to actually work(?) and the compass definitely isn't working for me. But aside from all that, I'm really excited to see how this develops later in its life