Battle through an onslaught of mystical backwater cultists, possessed militants and even darker forces as you attempt to discover just what lurks beneath the earth in this retro FPS inspired by all your 90's favorites. Featuring a full single player campaign, endless survival mode and classic arena multiplayer.

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Quake, except its level design, atmosphere, and overall setting isn't as cool so it just feels like a bland imitator to a lot of classic FPS. A few inspired levels in the third mission, though.

While Dusk definitely wears its influences on its sleeves at times - especially graphically - there's way more to it than just the "greatest hits of 90s FPS games". An excellent, super slick shooter in its own right, with excellent level design, controls and unmatched vibes. The tone manages to skirt between horror, B-movie gore and black comedy without it ever feeling like a non-sequitur, and there's some legit cool set-pieces it manages to pull off too.

Not sure why it's gotten so much praise. The level design feels amateurish and the gameplay loop gets boring after an hour.

Kickstarted the new wave of old-school shooters and is still one of the best ones I've played. Shooting feels good, you're incentivised to explore and the atmosphere is absolutely perfect. Highly recommend anyone who is even moderately into first person shooters to play this game.

man wtf going on in cleveland ohio

holy SHIT the top reviews on this fucking website are so fucking wrong
"repetative levels" wrong.
"weak gunplay" wrong.
"ripped off enemies from doom" wrong.
"too much like quake" that's the point.
like holy shit did we play the same game?
"smashed together without any real sense of a cohesive, balanced end game product" what a joke. the props (which are optional) gives power to your movement speed, the infighting allows you to beat levels with less kills (and save your bullets on scythe start mode), the map design is GREAT, all of the areas have FANTASTIC atmospheres and are varied enough without straying from their chapters themes.
"enemies are doom 1 clones" is such a joke. yes, so is most fucking enemies in most fpses either. if you're gonna shit on a game for being a clone of DOOM, you might as well throw out the following games instead:
-duke nukem
-shadow warrior
-your beloved quake
-literally every fucking fps ever made
seriously, you can use the same bullshit in these reviews to shit on any of these games. watch:
"Mechanically, SomeoneNotImportant's review is pretty much on the money. Elements from Doom (Secrets, Gibs, Melee And Projectile Monsters, Semi-Horror Elements, Healthpacks) are haphazardly smashed together without any real sense of a cohesive, balanced end product. The Grenade Launcher is fun to hop around with, but utterly dominates closed-space encounters. Map design is serviceable I guess? Nothing awe-inspiring but I haven't played Doom custom maps so I have no idea what the bar is here."
there. now focus on the fucking game. it's really fucking good. it improves on quake's movement with modern day programming, improves on doom's level design without resorting to stupid key hunting bullshit, the enemies are memorable and fun, the weapons are awesome (fuck whoever says their just quake weapons. fucking every god damn boomer shooter has a fucking super shotgun in it, BECAUSE IT'S FUN, god fucking damn it), the halloween theme is amazing, the gravity warping section is awesome, the rifle is fun as hell, the crossbow is cool as hell, the grenade launcher thingy blows my face off. it's quake but better. fuck the critics.