Battle through an onslaught of mystical backwater cultists, possessed militants and even darker forces as you attempt to discover just what lurks beneath the earth in this retro FPS inspired by all your 90's favorites. Featuring a full single player campaign, endless survival mode and classic arena multiplayer.

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A great Retro-FPS hidden in the rough indie world, that is worth experiencing sometimes. The game has a remarkable nineties aesthetic, and according to its creators, is heavily inspired by the legends of those years such as Doom and Quake, but it is far from equaling those games and being a masterpiece.
Dusk is a game that has been made with love and dedication, you can appreciate these small details in each of the episodes and missions. Its soundtrack is quite characteristic and relatively good, is a diverse mix of several genres that ends up catching you more than once.
The atmosphere of this game is magnificent, it is a very well-achieved aspect, which together with the art style and level design provide a certain identity to the game. The gameplay is quite satisfying and is a very fresh and fun experience. Also, the difficulty is fair in all its variants, however, it is a bit artificial.
The campaign has a decent length, about 7-8 hours should be enough to finish the campaign depending on how fast you are and how much you explore, although the pace of the game disappoints me since it starts being fast and frantic, and ends up culminating in a bit slow pace near the end of the game. In addition to the campaign, there is an endless mode, a kind of arena by waves that is entertaining and enjoyable, although it lacks some maps.
Even with all the good things about this game, I feel the need to unload certain points that bothered me a lot throughout the game.
The game has little story and is a bit forgettable honestly. At first, you don't understand anything and you get confused, near the end it all becomes clear, but even so, the story and its development aren’t a strong point of the game.
Also, the game can become repetitive and heavy when playing for a long time, I could not play for more than 3 hours, because I got bored, especially at certain times when everything becomes very monotonous, from the places to the enemies. The game has very repetitive enemies, I expected some more variety, the bosses are frankly disappointing and poor in many aspects, most of them, have nothing special compared to other enemies, they just do a little more damage and that's it, also almost all bosses can be skipped, and therefore ignored, they are not a challenge at all in that way, and it does not compensate at all to face them and spend ammunition for free. The final bosses are not what I expected, but I think there aren't many things to do. Nyarlathotep was kind of easy and not very hard to beat even on harder difficulties, you can jump between multiple jump pads and he's never gonna hit you. There are a lot of bosses tougher than him. Jakob on the other hand is more challenging but can be easily killed with the riveter.
As well, there are certain missions where you are exploring very closed and remote places, so everything is dark to the point that you can't see anything at all, especially in caves and ventilation areas. The lighting is too weak in this type of area, so on many occasions, I had to go to the game settings to increase the brightness of the game to see something, and all this became much more terrible when the flashlight was broken, something that honestly was unnecessary and that in the long run became tedious.
Lastly, certain mechanics didn't convince me, and I would have removed them from the game since they weren't so well polished. The flipping mechanic is horrendous, to the point that many times you end up getting dizzy, disoriented, and even losing with wandering movements. The same happens with the wall climbing mechanic, the character in general almost always gets stuck on the walls (mostly by bugs), and being able to perform the moves correctly costs more than it should, pure crap. Another mechanic that I didn't like was the gravity-flip, it only appears in episode 3, in mission 7, and it was honestly a headache, not only because the character enters a loop of ascents and descents, but also because of a bug when loading the saved games when you have used a gravity sphere. When loading the game the character does not appear where you save, but in the air, and also changed the direction of gravity at the same time, because when you load the save file, it was as if you used a gravity sphere again, making you had to replay the whole level again and not make the same mistake.
Dusk is an excellent game to pass the time, an old-school shooting festival with many weapons and enemies, a good retro experience, and one of the best indies out there. Its soundtrack is original and showy, as well as its atmosphere and the environment it generates. Despite this, the game is a bit overrated and has several technical aspects that end up being a burden for the game, but even with all this it is a solid and pleasant video game to play, recommended for anyone who likes boomer-shooters.

Amazing modern shooter with all the good parts of 90s shooters infused into it. Very much recommend trying it out.

Fun quake-like shooter without its own thing.

This is easily one of the finest shooters I have ever played.
Everything is so lovingly crafted and tight - from the gunplay, to level design, artstyle, soundtrack (which is by far Hulshult's finest work yet), etc.
And all of this was done by essentially one person. Unreal.
This far surpasses its title of a "Quake Clone", it's in another league of its own.
My own words cannot do this game justice, you have to play it for yourself. It goes on sale for cheap frequently and the base price is already low as-is.
Only reason it's not a 5/5 is lack of workshop support and campaign co-op, both of which are coming in the near future.

Replayed on Cero Miedo (equivalent to Ultra-Violence in Doom), Intruder Mode (aka pistol start from Doom), no mid-level saves. This will be a quick one, not as analytical as my usual fare.
Mechanically, SimonDedalus's review is pretty much on the money. Elements from classic FPS (movement from Quake, infighting from Doom, secrets from Build Engine, prop shenanigans from Half Life) are haphazardly smashed together without any real sense of a cohesive, balanced end product. Movement is fun to hop around with but utterly dominates open-air encounters. Map design is serviceable I guess? Nothing awe-inspiring but I haven't played Quake custom maps so I have no idea what the bar is here.
Enemies are mostly Doom 1 clones, weapons are mostly Quake clones except for the crossbow which is kinda neat. Infighting is a lot more circle-strafy than Doom (which could already get circle-strafy on some maps) and less strategic since enemies of the same type can fight each other. The props are borderline overpowered, but throwing barrels over and over is kinda boring and error-prone so whatever I guess? Ammo is usually everywhere even if you don't find the secrets, but health and armor get gobbled up quick. Enemies do huge damage on Cero Miedo, probably because the dev realized that the only way you can die with this combat and movement system is to get clipped by stray pseudo-hitscan projectiles like 5 times over the course of the whole level. Play a good Doom map and you'll understand what I mean here when I say the balancing and structure is pretty bad for protracted combat encounters.
The atmosphere, sense of pacing, and general presentation save the game. There's a sense of constant forward momentum, going towards something, though you're never quite sure what. Maps alternate between combat-heavy arenas and claustrophobic crawls, which elevates both beyond their standalone level of quality. Low-poly blends great with backwoods and industrial horror, think those PS1-style short horror games. Sound design is generally solid. I love the dual shotguns, satisfying to use. The powerups are fun and stacking them is pretty neat. And the ending is genuinely good, which is bizarrely rare in other classic FPS.
I definitely don't hate this game, it has the good sense to keep its runtime short and it was made when classic FPS design was only just coming back into vogue. If you haven't played the classics you'll probably like this a lot. Moral of the story is go play Doom and Blood.