Dysmantle: Doomsday

released on Apr 19, 2023

DLC for Dysmantle

Board a mysterious flying cargo drone and enter a hidden archipelago holding a deadly secret. Discover scientific experiments gone awry and utilize new technologies to stave off doomsday.

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Nice little expansion! I like this one more than the last one because this one feels more like it has a clear structure with an obvious climax in both plot and gameplay, and I'm not sure if it was this DLC or if it was a free patch, but there was even some content added to the base game now. A few bosses in both the DLC and on the main island. Similarly, we also got some good tools that inspired me to 100% this game. We finally got a portable monster scanner, so we don't have to trek back to a tower just to remind ourselves where the final zombie was hanging out, and we also get to unlock the option to fast travel to anywhere from anywhere, using the map. It felt nice to finally have the tools to easily and conveniently 100% everything in this game, so I did.
I was hoping this was the final DLC, but I don't mind that they apparently just announced not only a (probably, this time) final DLC for this game, but also a semi-sequel called Dysplaced.

I've played both DLCs after thoroughly exploring the main game, so I was pretty much already invincible, it still doesn't change the fact that these island are super fun to explore.
Doomsday also has a lot of environmental puzzles to solve with the new beam gun, there are also neat upgrades that will help a lot if you are still going through the main game. A great extra adventure to enjoy.