E.V.O. : Search for Eden

released on Dec 21, 1992

The storyline of E.V.O.: Search for Eden follows the same patterns as modern Evolution theories. The players first controls a prehistoric sea organism, and fights to gain evolution points with which he can improve his fish's body parts and upgrade his attack/defense abilities. The gameplay is not completely linear, which means that certain choices of paths and stages will affect the player's success. The game is composed of a series of stages, in which the sea organism slowly evolves into an amphibian, and later a land-only creature. The physical changes are fairly scientifically accurate which gives the game a semi-educational purpose as well.

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the "E.V.O" in the title stands for evolution

What a nice idea 💡 for an old game... Wonderful 👍

Bem criativo, apesar de meio difícil e de precisar matar os bichos inúmeras vezes para poder evoluir, várias partes são tristes e a música é legal, óbvio que não é nada cientificamente correto, mas é tão único que exige jogar.

Not great, extremely grindy even when you’re like me and you play on an emulator and with higher exp cheat codes cause you don’t give a dang. But the dinosaurs going extinct! It messed me up. Seeing the dead bodies of the triceratops and his child huddled together after the meteor falls, when only a few moments before you rescued that child and reunited them, and then seeing their ghosts later on, are the kinds of things I hope to see and feel when I play games