Entropy: Zero 2

released on Aug 20, 2022

A mod for Half-Life 2

The pessimistic, wisecracking, door-kicking zealot known as 'Bad Cop' is back.

Command a small army of Combine synths and soldiers on a Northern campaign to capture Dr. Judith Mossman.

Tread in the wake of Gordon Freeman at Nova Prospekt. Explore the mysterious 'Arbeit Communications' facility. Discover what lies beneath. Drive an APC through the arctic wastes. Confront the rebels on their doorstep and uncover a long-forgotten secret.

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Not just a great mod but a great game. Play it, it's free. If you like Half-Life, you will surely enjoy this one.

Hunt Down the Freeman, but with the development budget spent on the actual game instead of cutscenes.
This is much better than Half-Life 2, but it inherits a few flaws from that game, and I wish the protagonist would shut the fuck up.

Improves a lot from the first game , cant wait for whats next

Has the design you'd expect from a Valve game. Surprisingly, this is a mod!

Much improved from the first title, and in a way gave me some closure over not seeing a HL2EP3 / HL3 sequel. Really great!

A massive step up from Entropy Zero. With extremely satisfying gunplay, a wealth of new content, and a surprisingly engaging story; it’s an easy recommendation.