Evil Dead: The Game

released on May 13, 2022

Evil Dead: The Game is a 4 vs 1 asymmetrical horror/survival game based on the Evil Dead franchise and characters created by Sam Raimi, Robert Tapert, and Bruce Campbell. Defend the world against evil or bring wrath as the Kandarian Demon.

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This could be really good, but it’s not really

Fun, better than Dead by Daylight - but insanely repetitive. In desperate need of some new modes or something, and it gets docked major points for blocking trophies on private matches - like come on, man. I can't go for trophies organically with friends because you're afraid of a few boosters? Anyway, surreal to be able to play as (multiple versions of) Bruce Campbell in a video game, it rules. The environmental graphics are also pretty appealing, and I love how strongly this acknowledges the underrated 2013 remake. Great tribute to the franchise. But I am begging - nay - PLEADING modern games to stop defaulting to L3 as sprint. It doesn't feel good, it doesn't ever feel good to use on any controller past the PS3. I want to know the people who keep demanding it, I have sanded down too many fucking analog sticks because of this one specific shitty control that always pops up in games now. What was wrong with like an L1/R1 sprint? Even an old PS2-era button-tapping sprint would be better than this crap.

fun with friends and honestly the best asymmetrical horror game but like all the games in the genre, lotta bullshit.

have to edit my review - game confirmed to come to steam. fun multiplayer game and hope it takes off like F13, way more fun than DBD and now it's finally coming to steam

Os gráficos e a atmosfera são bons
A gameplay é interessante, mas eu acho que ficaria repetitiva muito rápido por ter quase nenhuma dinâmica, além de ser meio entediante pra mim