Executive Golf DX

released on May 30, 2022

In Executive Golf DX, live the ultimate dream of corporate advancement by golfing your way to the top of a procedurally generated office building. Enterprising individuals may elect to use an array of unconventional abilities while climbing the ladder of success, but what will truly drive you towards greatness in business is the quality shared by all great thought leaders: A perfect backswing.

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A cute concept, held back by the level layouts being a pain to navigate. You spend a lot of the time bouncing either right to where you were or progressing backwards. The powerups don't help with that very much.

Executive Golf DX es frustrante de la manera que los juegos de golf suelen ser cuando se trasladan al videojuego. Con un estilo horizontal que recuerda a títulos más humildes como Grow in the Hole, su principal elemento diferenciador es el hecho de tener que avanzar piso a piso con tu destreza a la hora de manejar el putter. De esta manera, el juego te introduce rápidamente a situaciones de auténtica frustración mecánica, generalmente en la forma de quedarte atascade en cada hueco de escritorio que se presente, que puede hacerte querer abandonar el juego rápidamente. Pero como sucede con otros títulos de minigolf similares, la clave radica en tener mucha paciencia y no golpear en cuanto sientas que puedes. No creo que este juego haga nada particularmente novedoso, pero creo que es un ejemplo bastante competente del tipo de obras que pueblan este subgénero deportivo.
Executive Golf DX is frustrating in the way that golf games tend to be when transplanted to the video game format. With a horizontal style reminiscent of humbler titles like Grow in the Hole, its "money shot" is the fact that you also need to advance floor by floor. In doing this, the game quickly introduces you to teeth grinding moments of getting stuck in every desk hole that comes by, which can make you want to quit the game many times over. But as it happens with many minigolf games, the key here lies in having a lot of patience and not using the putter just because you can. I don't think this game does anything particularly groundbreaking, but I also think it's a pretty competent example of the kind of works that populate this subgenre.

This one didn't really click for me.
The idea of a golf 2D platformer isn't a bad one, but the two genres have very different gameplay flows and they don't mesh. In golf, you don't really end up going "backwards" - maybe you take a bad shot and have to proceed from a bad position, but at least you're somewhere new. Here, though, the stage design means it's very easy to either get stuck behind an obstacle and taking almost the same shot over and over, or fall down a hole to the floor you were just on.
I gave it a few shots hoping it'd click at some point and I'd settle into the flow, but it never happened.

A fun little 2D golf game. Not much to it, but there's enough variation here that I could see myself going back to it.