Final Fantasy IV

released on Jul 19, 1991

FINAL FANTASY IV is the fourth main installment in the FINAL FANTASY series, developed and published by Squaresoft. It was released in July 1991 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan, and released as FINAL FANTASY II in North America in October 1991 with alterations made due to Nintendo of America's guidelines at the time.

The game saw a rerelease in Japan on the WonderSwan Color and a global release on PlayStation under its original name as part of the FINAL FANTASY CHRONICLES and FINAL FANTASY ANTHOLOGY collections.

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The closest the series has to an average RPG. Ironically it's one of the best entries because of it.

-> Esta bien y tiene buenos personajes.
-> Pero Cain no es uno de ellos.
-> Cuanto consigues ballena el juego empeora narrativa y jugablemente.
-> Falsas muertes restan.
-> Rubicante es el mejor antagonista.

For me the hardest one until 1996. Amazing game with a sad and tragic story. A story of redemption btw. Enjoy!

It's not the first Final Fantasy with a real, fully fledged story setting with unique characters (FF2 did it first), but it is the first one that uses cinematic and theatrical ways to tell its story in a way that hooks you. It is where Square Enix steered away from the classic D&D'esque dungeon crawler, to dive deeper into real story telling.
For a lot of people, this is where they start the series, and it is perfectly fine to do so and ignore the previous classics in my opinion, as they weren't very substantial.
Although, please play it on the SNES or the NDS 3D remake. The loading times on the Playstation are awful.

Whoever put those lil gooey guys that only die via environmental spells should do a flip off the empire state building but good game either way

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good game but has problems with characters and story