Final Fantasy: Pixel Remaster

released on Jul 28, 2021

A remaster of Final Fantasy

The original Final Fantasy comes to life with completely new graphics and audio! A remodeled 2D take on the first game in the world-renowned Final Fantasy series! Enjoy the timeless story told through charming retro graphics.

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The improved graphics and music might occasionally make you forget this was an NES game, which makes the basic gameplay and story stand out more than it probably should. Keep that in mind and it’s a fun time.

Pretty basic, but holds up better than I expected (with the QoL improvements in the Pixel Remaster, of course). The encounter rate is absolutely unhinged though.

I'll always enjoy the first FF. The game is short and sweet, and the pixel remaster makes everything much easier to enjoy. Solid.

Believe it or not but yes, this was my first touch with Final Fantasy. I struggeled a lot to even start with those games and when I did, it came out of a mood and I cant explain why. SO I started my NES Mini and after maybe an hour i felt like I could enjoy this game but it will take too long. So yes, the Pixel Remaster on the Switch came in very handy. Still the Booster feels like cheating, the maps make the things also a lot easier and I actually appreciate this Remaster with the comfort gimicks a lot. Also soundtrack, esp. The water dungeon is a banger.
The game itsself is nothing groundbreaking but at its time it surely was and it also got me a bit hyped for the franchise. So yeah, Final Fantasy might get a new fan

Best way to play this game, viewable maps fix EVERYTHING and the redone soundtrack is stellar

Sure, the story isn't terribly involved, and the gameplay is basic, but returning to where it all began gives quite the sense of perspective on what would later come from the original that started it all.