Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

released on Jun 10, 2021

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is an enhanced and expanded version of Final Fantasy VII Remake that features a new episode starring Yuffie and introduces an exhilarating new story arc with numerous gameplay additions for players to enjoy.

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I like this more than the original game simply because the characters are far better realized here.

wow, well, what to say...i'm typing this review with tears in my eyes, that's all i'm going to say.
final fantasy games are a big part of my life, 7 even more so than the others considering i played it 3 times or so and whenever i remember this game only fond and good emotions come up.
this remake left me speechless. it's everything a remake SHOULD be, i imagined the original game exactly like this when i was young and had only pixels at my service.
i love how this remake gave more dimension to characters and their respective dynamics, i love how fleshed out barret is and he became instantly one of those characters i can't wait to see on screen, aerith and tifa? i adore their interactions and that's exactly what i wanted to see in this game, their friendship feels so genuine and brought a smile to my face. as for cloud i can't wait to see the other part of the game which gives him more spotlight, but either way i love how he developed next to other characters.
i won't really delve into spoiler teritory right now and honestly i understand the scepticism about the new story elements and stuff and i really hope the story won't divulge into a different path considering important characters deaths etc. i have every hope the game will remain in core the same except some maybe additional what if scenarios but we'll see!
another thing i enjoyed was the yuffie dlc! playing the og ff7 i usually skipped her and went for vincent and never really paid much attention to her so this dlc was a welcome addition and made me love her and appreciate her more along with sonon who was such a good addition.
overall this is an almost perfect game for me. i experienced childlike wonder like i did the first time i played the original, i cried, i felt overwhelmed seeing everything i played as a child being restored in glorious HD. patiently waiting for january<3

The haters are so wrong. I don't think I could ask for much more in a Final Fantasy VII Remake. I trust the plan.

I am glad this game ends where it does, because that's how far I got in the original. Can't wait to play Part 2

So happy they finally remade this classic, I feel like they did a great job brining midgar to life. It was so cool. Being able to run around and experience it in such amazing detail. As a Kid I could try to imagine what it would look like!
They did the story justice with a few additions which were a bit weird but overall they didn't mess witb it too much. I feel like the voice acting was pretty good as well, especially barret. Cloud still feels a little weird to me, I guess I just never really imagined what his voice would sound like.
Overall its a great game and I'm looking forward to the next installment!