Final Fantasy X HD Remaster

released on Dec 26, 2013

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster was released individually in the Japan and Asia regions. Outside of these regions, only Final Fantasy X has a physical release, but it includes a download code for Final Fantasy X-2. Those who pick up both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 on PlayStation Vita can swap saves between systems to transfer data between the standalone Vita version and the PlayStation 3 counterpart.

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melhor rpg que joguei, literalmente quase chorei com o final desse jogo

Really enjoyed this, didn't even look at the grind that post-game would be. Great story and journey all throughout.

Another blonde swordwielding himbo has been taking most of my free time so there's no way I'm finishing what's left of this in the coming weeks so I'll just say: love FFX. Had I done the main story and not much else, it would have been very close to perfect!
Unfortunately, the postgame was made by insane people for insane people. Everyone complains about the asenine minigames to get the Celestial Weapons but holy fuck, why did they feel the need to add unskippable superbosses in places you need to go to also get those weapons? Sure, it's possible to get these items during a very small window of time where you don't have to face them but you'd need a guide open during every waking moment. Even so, the particular bosses are more of a battle of endurance than anything else. It's just not worth the grind. I'd still like to actually 100% it but in an eventual replay I'd rather just play the original version with less superbosses and allegedly better faces.

Deep and fun combat system, heartbreaking story and epic plot.
One of my favorites in the series.

Madrileños turisteando en la Galicia profunda

Final Fantasy 10/10
Fuck squenix for this awful remaster/port