Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

released on Dec 07, 2021

An expansion for Final Fantasy XIV Online

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is the fourth expansion pack to Final Fantasy XIV. The story has been marketed as the "finale" of the Hydaelyn–Zodiark arc, drawing the current ongoing story to a close. In addition to adding new areas, the expansion pack increases the level cap to 90 and debuts two new character classes, Sage and Reaper.

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For most of 14's existence it has not been a great game. We all know about the troubles of 1.0, but even after that problems persisted for years. ARR and Heavensward did not have cross-server party maker, it was only added in patch 3.5. Doing raids back then were laborious just because your pool of teammates were limited to just your one server, not to mention the poor quality of life like cooldowns not resetting on wipes, which was only fixed in 2016 towards the end of HW.
Even when Stormblood had these fixed it then had its own problem. The Return to Ivalice alliance raid series was needlessly difficult, and your relic weapon was tied to the grindy FF11 styled Eureka area, which meant actually getting the gear for raids was now the problem.
Then comes Shadowbringers and we finally have a great expansion. It's easily manageable to get the gear and team together for savage raids, the jobs are better balanced, and the fights are fun and memorable. Even the story is more consistent, now without the fakeout deaths of HW or the split focus of SB. There's few things I can say were wrong with this expansion, it's a 10/10.
So what's wrong with Endwalker? Nothing really, on paper it's just as good as Shadowbringers. However, you have to look at the larger context. 14 expansion are very formulaic. Each expansion there's six new overworld areas, three alliance raids, 12 savage raids, etc. These even come out in the same consistent patch order. This fact didn't bother me going into Shadowbringers because that was the first expansion that actually made me want to do all types of content. Now, even though Endwalker is good, the monotony of knowing what to expect from a 14 expansion has bored me. If they don't have any ideas left on how to improve the formula then they need to change it.

One of the best story in any game ever

After shadowbringers i really wanted to like it but its really so hard to.
I don't understand people's love for a shallow god character it just makes the stakes hypocritical lol. I would have preferred if she wasn't there in the first place.

no content at all boring as fuck please give us something good again