Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest

released on Jun 25, 2015

Fire Emblem Fates is split into three story paths. Conquest is one of the two base stories, the other being Birthright. The other story path can be bought digitally at a discount through the in-game store. The third story path is Revelation, a DLC that was released later. You need to be have completed Chapter 6 in either game to access the other stories and DLC.

Conquest is the hardest of the three paths, having reduced ability to grind experience from maps, tougher mission objectives, and giving less money and experience for those missions.

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The plot in this game is a comedic shitshow but it is extremely tight and fun to play, I started and beat this game in 2 days I was having that much fun with it. I even trolled the whole time by using Gunter, a terrible unit, the whole game, and still managed to have a great time. Good game, this. Still would say I prefer Radiant Dawn though

Some of the best gameplay the series has to offer. Challenging and Engaging maps. Properly good customization options, (Sorry 3H) and proper balancing (unless you use dlc). Also has the best story if you hold down the Start Button for the duration of it. Seriously though the story is so bad don't even bother watching it just skip everything
whatever understanding you get from the few unskippable cutscenes is still probably better than what is in the game.

Better than Birthright but it's.....ehh. I like the character designs though

Easily my favorite out of the 3ds games. While it shares the issue with the other fates games of having awful story and characters being dumb in the main story. The supports somewhat make up for it. The thing i LOVE this game for is the great customization with classes, skills and child units. All the Fates games share the last part but it shines in this game due to the fact that it's challenging but still feels fair for the most part.

Go play Awakening or something please don't play this.