Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

released on Aug 07, 2008

A reinvention of the original NES titles with revamped graphics and intuitive touch control, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon will finally introduce longtime fans to the stories that gave birth to the series nearly 20 years ago in Japan, while introducing the Fire Emblem franchise to a broader audience of strategy and chess fans. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon also reveals the back story of Marth, the original lead character in the Fire Emblem series introduced and made popular in North America by the Super Smash Bros. series of fighting games.

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Decent Fire Emblem (Tactical Turn-Based RPG) gameplay but a rather uninspired title. The story, characters, map variety and game play mechanics are all fine but I'd recommend starting elsewhere if you're curious about Fire Emblem games.

Great game
Better than fe1 don't listen to the haters they're WRONG

Barebones remake of the game that laid an incredibly solid foundation for the renowned strategy series but clearly had much more to improve upon.
+ well-thought-out gameplay systems that barely needed to change over decades
+ quick and responsive inputs
+ a lot of possible army customization
- minimal story with just a couple lines of exposition between levels
- generic character models for everyone
- constant flood of forgettable new units who often don't say a word
- only a single type of objective (capturing the enemy base)
- too much downtime between action due to large maps with relatively few enemies